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Windsurfing is a thrilling and exhilarating experience made more enjoyable when under the instruction of the highly skilled professionals at Windsurf Kauai. Whether you have a great deal of experience windsurfing or you are brand new to the activity, there are group lessons available for you, all taught on the picturesque Anini Beach Lagoon, where the calm waters and steady wind create an ideal environment for learning the sport. 

- The Local Expert Team

Located on the North Shore of Kauai at the breathtaking Anini beach is the Windsurf Kauai windsurf school. You can learn how to sail in one lesson, in a process that is easier than you might imagine. In fact, Anini Lagoon is one of the safest places to learn the practice of windsurfing, also called sailboarding, in all of Kauai. 

The practice of windsurfing combines surfing and sailing in one fun, easy-to-learn activity. To do this activity successfully, you control the wind with your sail and balance on the water on top of your board. Windsurf Kauai specializes in teaching beginners or first-time windsurfers in their beginners’ course I. Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to offer you if you are more experienced as they also offer a beginner II course which includes more advanced maneuvers, like beach starts and jibes. This also serves as a refresher course if it has been a while since you have enjoyed the sport. 

The beginner course II even completes a nationally recognized certification course. This gives you the ability to rent windsurf gear internationally. It’s best to call and reserve a class on the beautiful waters of Anni beach. Beginner I classes are available Monday through Friday, beginning at 10 am and ending at 1:00 pm. All classes at Windsurf Kauai span two hours and include all required equipment as well as individual instruction. Beginner I and Beginner II classes are both $125 per person. Classes feature boards for adults as well as special size boards for kids.

Group lessons at Windsurf Kauai contain no more than four people per class. This is to ensure that you are given the individual attention you need to learn this fun activity. Beginner I class is designed for the brand-new windsurfer. Learn how to sail, turnaround, and look good doing it! The Beginner II class, starting at 10:00 am is designed for those who have tried windsurfing before but would like to develop their skills further. Learn fancy moves like the aforementioned jibes and beach starts as well as learning self rescues and tacks. The certification you get upon completion of this course is good for life! 

There is one more class option to choose from called the Advanced class. This is applicable if you are pretty skilled at windsurfing but want to improve your sailing skills further and maybe add some advanced moves like water starts and advanced jibes. You should contact Windsurf Kauai for prizes and reservations on the Advanced class. Classes at Windsurf Kauai are taught by the famed Celeste Harvel who has over 30 years of experience both in terms of teaching the skill and in practicing the sport.

While there are many activities to keep you busy in the Kauai area, windsurfing, or wind sailing is one that is unique and an easy to pick up activity.  Guests claim that the calmness of the Lagoon of Anini Beach and its consistent wind going in one direction make the experience of learning this skill easier to grasp and less scary for newbies. Some guests even claim that local dogs will sometimes swim out and visit class participants as they enjoy the beautiful water and fun windsurfing experience, adding to the enjoyment of the activity. Of course, having a four-legged friend join you isn’t guaranteed, but it happens often enough that you might get lucky during your lesson. 

Windsurfing is a fun experience that is made even more enjoyable by the lesson format offered at Windsurf Kauai. While you could enjoy many activities in the area from surfing to snorkeling, windsurfing is a great way to spend the day in Kauai in an unforgettable manner. 

Insider Tips:
-Windsurfing with Windsurf Kauai is a safe, fun activity even for beginners. 
-Make reservations for all classes.