Koloa Zipline

Koloa Zipline - Adrenaline-Pumping Courses and Daredevil Riding Positions
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4 / 5
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Koloa Zipline offers eight courses, 3 of which are the longest on Kauai. In addition to receiving stellar reviews, they are also the only zipline company that provides a headfirst zipline ride.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

If you’re vacationing on the island of Kauai and looking for adventure, we suggest visiting Koloa Zipline. Located on the southern part of Kauai near the village of Koloa, their eight courses soar over the jungle and the Waita Reservoir. Koloa Zipline received top reviews from customers and was the Trip Advisor 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award recipient.

The minimum age to zipline is seven years of age while being accompanied by a parent or guardian. Minors must also be under adult supervision. The maximum weight allowed is 280 pounds, and lightweight children can zip in tandem with another zipper. If you have back, neck, joint, heart conditions or are pregnant, Koloa strongly suggests you don’t zipline. 

For attire, Koloa recommends long shorts, Yoga pants, or capris to protect your legs from chafing from the harness straps. Basketball shorts and others constructed of lighter materials can creep up, making the ride uncomfortable and, well, somewhat embarrassing. The safety harness is a full-body design so reconsider wearing a tank top and go with a T-shirt to prevent chaffing. Closed-toe shoes like tennis shoes or hiking boots are required. So leave your flip-flops and sandals back at the hotel for those walks on the beach. Sunglasses and cameras are allowed but make sure they are attached securely. You don’t want that expensive pair of Ray-Bans falling into the jungle below. Koloa provides helmets, and some guests recommend wearing a ball cap underneath to soak up sweat and keep the sun out of your eyes. 

And now for the fun stuff: ziplining! Koloa Zipline boasts of having three of the five longest ziplines on Kauai. The Waita Zip is 1/2 mile in length and sends you soaring over water and swooping across treetops. The average length of their eight courses is around 1,000 feet. You can plan on spending approximately 3.5 hours ziplining, and Koloa provides snacks and drinks at the halfway mark. They even offer a custom full-body harness for those who want to try some adventurous positions when ziplining.

Koloa Zipline is also the only operation on Kauai that offers headfirst zipping. They call it “Flyin’ Kauaian,” and you’ll feel like Superman or Superwoman as you soar through the air. For the daredevil, you can try other positions zipping like upside down, backward, upside down, and backward. There is also the kicking back and coffee table pose, which will have you flying feet first on your back. If these sound too crazy for you, grab hold of the pulley’s handles to eliminate spinning and ride in the traditional upright position. 

Safety is paramount at Koloa Zipline, and their guides are well-trained at keeping you and your family safe. They are also knowledgeable of the area’s flora and fauna and can point out things of interest on your tour. As we’ve already mentioned, their custom harness is explicitly designed to keep you safe and secure even while zipping upside down or performing other aerial acrobats. Even the pulley they use is customized to fit their 5/8” steel cable. You can grab hold of the handles on the pulley to prevent yourself from spinning. Of course, if twirling around like a top while ziplining appeals to you, then ride hands-free. 

Koloa Zipline offers a safe, adrenalin-pumping experience the whole family can enjoy and will be talking about for years to come. 

Insider Tip:
On overcast days, the mosquitos come out, so bring some bug spray. Some reviewers advise ziplining in the morning when temperatures are cooler, and it’s not as busy.