KIKO – Your Top Spot for Fun Gifts and Souvenirs in East Side Kauai
The Bottom Line:

When you want to get all the best gifts and souvenirs but don’t have something in particular in mind, just come to KIKO to see what wins you over. At this popular East Side Kauai boutique, you can find a little bit of everything, ranging from jewelry and books to linens and apparel.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to buy souvenirs and gifts galore, a trip to KIKO in East Side Kauai is definitely in order. At this cozy boutique, you’re sure to find all the best eclectic goods, none of which are mass-produced. In fact, the team goes all out in sourcing simple, handmade items that speak to the beauty of the world.  

Although their shop has a small footprint, they use every last inch incredibly well. All their items are intuitively arranged, so you can easily see just what’s for sale at every visit. As you browse, you’re encouraged to pick up and hold the items you favor, feeling the heft of their natural, fair-trade materials. Plastic doodads are never the name of the game, after all, it’s all wood, stone, cotton, and the like to best celebrate the Earth’s bounty.

Although all their items are wholly unique, you’re unlikely to break the bank during your shopping trips at KIKO. In fact, many patrons find that their selections cost far less than comparable items later found online. Since all the items feature natural materials and quality craftsmanship, they’re likely to withstand the test of time as well, adding even more value to every purchase.

With each trip to KIKO, you can count on the team offering a warm welcome and answering all the questions you may have. If you just want to shop, they’ll let you explore their wares in peace, although they’re always available if you want to know more about a certain piece. They’re also happy to help you find a particular gift for a special someone in your life. Just let them know their interests and the team will whisk you over to the section that might speak to them most.

KIKO‘s most popular goods include:

Porcelain Tags
Made with a minimalist touch, the Porcelain Tags look great in every home, boosting décor in an instant upon landing on the wall. These innovative wall hangings from KIKO are just small porcelain signs screen printed with helpful quotes and sayings, like “Aloha” and “Everything is going to be ok.” Although they only come in plain black and white, they manage to add a whole lot of brightness to the space.

Healing Stones Bracelet
The Healing Stones Bracelet brings newfound energy into your life while looking incredible on your wrist. You can select from many different gem types, including Amazonite, Amethyst, Moss Opal, Red Jasper, Tigers Eye, and so much more. Each one claims to bring a different array of three positive vibes into your life, like “Truth, harmony, and peace,” and “Calming, love, and healing.”

Gilles Cadorette
For the little ones in your life, consider a snuggly Gilles Cadorette to love and cherish for a lifetime. This little plush koala hails from Canada but looks perfectly at home exploring the island. Standing four inches by eight inches, he’s perfect for carrying under the arm while enjoying beachside adventures and a whole lot more.

Collier N° 463
For a subtle touch of glamor from KIKO, you cannot go wrong with the Collier N° 463. Available in either silver or gold, this gold chain comes adorned with gorgeous confetti dots all the way around. With that, you always have a reminder to keep the party going, no matter where you end up.

If you want to keep your shopping experience going well after returning home, just go to KIKO’s website to order your favorite items. They will happily ship out whatever suits your fancy, keeping the connection with their shop going through the years.

Insider Tips:
-Not happy with your purchase from KIKO? You have up to 30 days to return or exchange items as long as they’re unused and in their original packages.
-When returning items purchased online from KIKO, you’re responsible for the shipping costs.
-To keep an eye out for new items to hit the shop, just follow their Instagram and Facebook pages.