Hanalei Farmers Market

Hanalei Farmers Market - Locally Sourced Foods and Crafts
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4 / 5
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The Hanalei Farmers Market is one of Hawaii’s top-rated markets. You’ll find locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and handmade clothing and artisan crafts. Be sure to bring your own bag to carry your purchases.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Whether you need fresh ingredients for cooking at your rental or you’re craving healthy foods and artisan crafts, the Hanalei Farmers Market is your go-to stop.

The farmers market is on the North Shore and was voted as one of the Top 5 farmers markets in Hawaii. The market sits on the non-profit land managed by Hale Halawai ‘Ohana O Hanalei. The name translates into, “A house for the coming together of the extended family of Hanalei.” We feel this expression best sums up what the market accomplishes: people from all over the world coming together to savor fresh foods and purchase handmade crafts.

The Hanalei Farmers Market sits off the main highway and has a beautiful backdrop featuring the taro fields and the lush mountains. Parking can be challenging since the market draws many visitors. There is a shopping strip across the road from the market with additional parking. Lastly, be sure to bring a bag to cart around your purchases. If you forget or don’t have one, you can purchase a bag there. All proceeds go to supporting the community center at Hale Halawai ‘Ohana O Hanalei.

The Hanalei Farmers Market opens Saturday mornings and everything sold at the market is sourced from the region. We urge you to arrive early because popular vendors, especially those selling fresh flowers and burritos, sell out quickly. When you arrive before opening time, be prepared to wait in line until the market officially opens. Also, sometimes the day and hours of operation fluctuate due to weather-related issues so check their website before visiting.

Perhaps what sets this market apart from others is the varied selection of tropical fruits. Take the chico. A sign at one vendor’s table said the fruit tasted like brown sugar and cinnamon. If that doesn’t sound tantalizing, we don’t know what does! This super-fruit is packed with antioxidants, magnesium, and is dense with vitamin A and C. You will also discover dragon fruit which is also known as “strawberry pear.” This reddish fruit has a seed-speckled pulp that tastes like a combination of kiwi and pear. You’ll also the odd-looking rambutan fruit. It got its name from the Malay word for “hair” because this red, golf ball size fruit is, well, hairy! But don’t be put off by its appearance. Rambutan is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and other vitamins and the pulp is sweet. You’ll also find star fruit, mangos, papayas, durian, sugar cane, coconuts, and pineapples.

There is also a bounty of organic vegetables ranging from avocados the size of softballs to bulbous radishes and vibrant greens. Food vendors range from those selling shaved ice to frozen acai bowls to breakfast burritos. You’ll also find artisans selling art, jewelry, and other handmade items. Handmade clothing like hats, tie-dyed shirts, and other sundries are also for sale.

A covered picnic area sits nearby the Hanalei Farmers Market where you can rest and savor your meal or snack. Local ukulele musicians often perform adding more authenticity to your Hawaiian excursion.

Visitors commented that prices were high but felt that because they were directly supporting local farmers, it warranted the extra expense.  Despite this one negativity, we believe the Hanalei Farmers Market is worth a visit due to the volume and variety of foods and crafts available.   

Insider Tip:
The Hanalei Farmers Market is in an open meadow. If it has rained the day prior, wear footwear that can handle muddy conditions.