Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar

Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar - Gourmet Cafe Featuring Gorgeous Outdoor Sitting Area & Tons of Veggie-friendly Foods
The Bottom Line:

The Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar is a cozy cafe located within a popular shopping center in Kauai's Kileauea. Both locals and tourists regularly seek out this location for its quality espresso drinks, long list of unique tea orders, and array of vegan and vegetarian food options. 

- The Local Expert Team

Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar is a unique gourmet cafe that is nestled in the town of Kilauea on Kauai’s northern coast. This is a cozy little coffee and tea shop boasting a beautiful outdoor space, welcoming interior, and is popular amidst both locals and visitors. 

The story behind Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar is just as fascinating as the shop itself. The coffee shop is owned and operated by a couple, Carol Dumeyer and Dave Brune. In 2010, Brune founded a unique boutique that sold just about everything under the sun called Hunter Gather in a small stone shopping center in Kilauea. Two years later, in that same shopping center, Dunmeyer launched her yoga studio called Metamorphose Yoga. You can see where this is going, right? The two met, fell in love, and several years later together founded Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar in that same shopping center that locals now call more simply, the “stone buildings”. 

Having that extra traffic boost from the neighboring yoga studio and boutique certainly helped Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar hit the ground running, but they didn’t succeed just on that affiliation alone. Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar has garnered a reputation about town for its dedication to high-quality products, delivering those products with friendly service, and choosing to operate in a sustainable way. For those visitors who forgo fish, meat, and egg products, this coffee shop is also a notable choice for its inclusion of a wide array of organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan menu items. 

As you enter the door of the Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar, you will see a long countertop on one side separating customers in a narrow hall-like area from the service staff and food prep area behind. There is no interior seating in this narrow area, but you will find plenty of pre-made food on display in glass jars and within glass cabinetry. A friendly staff member will take your order and you can either opt to wait inside or go outside to relax in the gorgeous garden-esque dining area they have here. This area includes umbrellaed tables and a long outdoor countertop bar. 

Espresso drinks are quite obviously the highlight at Trilogy Cofee & Tea Bar, but you will also find an array of other fantastic drink options:

The Zenbunnin Salted Drinking Chocolate
The Zenbunni Katmundu Chai Drinking Chocolate

These delectable treats are great choices for those looking for something hot and sweet but without excessive caffeine.

Fans of tea will appreciate Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar‘s signature:

Trilogy Iced Tea
This tea is comprised of an invigorating blend of spearmint and yerba mate. 

In terms of food items, you will find plenty of outstanding baked goods available for sale behind the counter. They also have a pretty robust online ordering system if you find yourself feeling peckish at your resort but aren’t in the mood to head out.

Popular baked goods at Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar include:

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Coconut Bread
Chocolate Mac Nut Truffle
Vegan White Chocolate Rasberry Rose Pistachio Kake.

Trilogy Coffee Bar & Tea Shop also supplies a long list of herbal powders, teas, and dairy products that can be bought individually and in bulk. For example, they carry Naked Cow Dairy products which include hand-churned butter made from locally raised dairy cattle. 

Note, partially due to their focus on subbing out dairy products and using alternative proteins, a ton of their products contain nuts and, with theirs being a smaller prep area, those with nut allergies should practice caution before ordering. Always alert the staff of any allergies before ordering as there is a higher risk of cross-contamination here. 

Insider Tip:
Looking at the Trilogy Coffee & Tea Bar online menu and you might feel like the picking is slim. That’s because they do not list their made-to-order food online and rather only have their regular baked goods up and ready for delivery options. However, if you visit in person you will find a longer menu with fantastic vegan and vegetarian options like their very popular paleo breakfast sandwich.