Pineapple in Paradise

Pip Kauai (Pineapple in Paradise) – Where to Get Tasty Dole Whip and More All Across Kauai
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4 / 5
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If Dole Whip is your jam, then you definitely need to swing by Pip Kauai to get a taste of their offerings. Also known as Pineapple in Paradise, this food truck goes all around the island serving up sweet treats to remember. Specialty flavors land in the rotation on the regular, so visit often to try them all. 

- The Local Expert Team

When you need a quick pick-me-up, there’s perhaps nothing better than the sweet and sour flavors of Dole Whip to put a pep in your step. To get your fill, you just have to track down the Pip Kauai food truck and order your favorite treats. Also known as Pineapple in Paradise, this popular food truck travels all over the island each week, serving up soft-serve whip cones, floats, and a whole lot more.

More often than not, you can find them posted up at The Cliffs, The Koa Store, All Saints’ Episcopal Church, and the West Kauai Visitor Center. They change up their location on the daily to share the love, only taking a day off here and there. On occasion, they skip serving the public in favor of supporting private events held by the community.

In addition to changing up their location day after day, Pineapple in Paradise also mixes up their flavor offerings. Their menu always features pineapple treats, of course, but they also shake things up by rolling out an additional flavor each day. Depending on when you stop by, you might find lemon, strawberry, or mango soft serve whip joining the party. The real magic happens when they create custom tropical flavors, however, like passion-orange-guava, dragon fruit, and white chocolate macadamia nut.

No matter what flavor you get from Pineapple in Paradise, you’re welcome to have it served up in a cone or a float. The ultra-cute and equally tasty cone comes shaped like the top of a pineapple. The float, however, gets you a souvenir glass and spoon. You can even upgrade your float to a stainless steel cup if you prefer. On top of that, they have waffle cones and cake cones for sale on their own plus popsicles, slushies, and so much more.

The top flavors at Pineapple in Paradise include:

Paradise Cone
For a treat you’ll be proud to show off around town, select the Paradise Cone. This awesome menu item starts with a pineapple-shaped cone with a decadent crispy crust. Then, they fill it with the soft serve whip flavor of your choice plus a fruit garnish on top.  

Li Hing Mui Cone
As a part of their specialty offerings, the Li Hing Mui Cone adds even more magic to the equation, promising to dazzle your tastebuds. They make this fan-favorite by filling their original cake cone with pineapple soft serve whip. After that, they sprinkle on the li hing mui powder and drizzle on the plum sauce. A cookie stick and pineapple garnish go right on top to complete this picture of perfection.

Whip on a Half Shell
When they end the day with extra soft-serve whip, it’s used to create their beloved Whip on a Half Shell. They start this treat by taking a coconut shell engraved with their logo and filling it with their leftover whip. Then, they freeze it solid for patrons who want to enjoy this whip in a whole new way.

Although Pineapple in Paradise aims to kick open its doors seven days a week, things do not always go to plan. So, before you head out, check their Instagram, Facebook, or website to see if they’re open. While doing that, you can also confirm where the truck is at, so you can land at just the right spot every time.

Insider Tips:
-Lilikoi items only land on the menu twice a year, so don’t hesitate to order your fill when you see that they’re available.
-Want an ultra-long rainbow spoon adorned with a cute pineapple? Or need a double-walled stainless steel pineapple tumbler in your life? Just go to their website and order their swag for delivery to your home.
-Their pineapple, lemon, strawberry, and mango flavors do not have any fat, gluten, dairy, or artificial colors. Pineapple in Paradise’s custom tropical flavors are gluten-free as well, although they do have a low amount of fat.
-Whenever lemon, coconut, strawberry, mango, and white chocolate macadamia nut are the flavors of the day, they roll out many specialty menu items to go with each one.