Haole Girl Island Sweets

Haole Girl Island Sweets – Taking Farm-to-Table to the Next Level in East Side Kauai
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4.5 / 5
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At Haole Girl Island Sweets, handcrafted sweets are the name of the game – and they’re constantly hitting it out of the park. They make everything from gorgeous custom cakes to ultra-flaky, buttery 150-layer croissants using only the freshest local ingredients. New items hit the menu each week, so be sure to visit often to get a taste of all the magic.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

When you want handcrafted sweets made with the highest quality local ingredients, you can always count on Haole Girl Island Sweets. This East Side Kauai bakery dreams up imaginative creations on the regular, based on whatever ingredients they can get their hands on. Their offerings center around a farm-to-table approach, after all, so they can only work with what’s in season on the island at any given time.

Haole Girl Island Sweets does have a few specialties up their sleeves, however, especially their decadent 150-layer croissants. To create their famous croissant dough, the owner, operator, and master baker, Judy, starts with a precise mix of flour, Hawaiian sea salt, yeast, and honey. Through a precise locking process, she sandwiches butter between each layer of dough, creating 150 layers in total.  

Once they’re hand-stuffed, rolled, and baked up in the oven, they come out flaky, buttery, and oh so delicious every time. The sweet and savory stuffing options range from Maui Gold Pineapple with Cream Cheese Filling to Portuguese Sausage with Swiss Cheese and Lilikoi Mustard. If you prefer traditional croissants, you’ll be glad to know they almost always have All Butter croissants available as well.

Like the croissants at Haole Girl Island Sweets, absolutely everything is always made from scratch with love. They put their whole heart into each item that lands in their bakery cases, which is definitely clear from the very first bite. Just as much dedication goes into creating all the best custom cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, and all your other special occasions. They can even build your perfect wedding cake using your preferred batter, filling, and decorations.

Although their baked goods get all the focus, and for good reason, they’re the only place in Kauai for drive-through coffee drinks made to your liking. They only use local beans for their brews and then flavor them with island-licious chocolate, cream, and syrups of all kinds.

Fan favorites on the Haole Girl Island Sweets menu include:

Tea Cookies
When you want to enjoy small bites of pure heaven, you cannot go wrong with their Tea Cookies. Although their flavors change often, the Hawaiian All-Butter Wedding Shortbreads are a definite fan favorite. The buttery shortbread dough pairs perfectly with the macadamia nuts to create a flavor combo to remember.

Macadamia Nut Sticky Buns
Whenever you find yourself near this eatery or their farmer’s market stands, the Macadamia Nut Sticky Buns are a must. A definite island favorite, this famous treat features tons of cinnamon sugar rolled up in layers of luscious dough. To top it all off, a thick layer of caramel macadamia nuts goes all over the surface before baking it up right.

Coffee Cake
When you want chocolate and cinnamon-y goodness in every bite, you need Haole Girl Island Sweets’ Coffee Cake in your life. To create this fantastic treat, they wrap a chocolate crumble in a layered dough, and then bake it to a rich golden brown. Over the top, it gets a mix of cinnamon and sugar that soaks into the crust and helps elevate all the chocolate flavors.

Want a custom cake or just need to have your order ready to go when you get there? Give Haole Girl Island Sweets a call or use the online form on their website, and they’ll get everything ready while you hit the road. Whether you call ahead or walk in, you can trust that they’ll securely package up your selections in a compostable box. You can then hit the road with confidence that your items will stay well contained, and then feel good about composting the packaging when you’re done grubbing on your treats.

Insider Tips:
-Looking to skip the wheat while still enjoying sweet treats? Just check Haole Girl Island Sweets’ gluten-free corner for all their fresh-baked wheat-free goodness, including taro root pastries and coconut macaroons.
-If you need dairy-free treats, just ask the team for their recommendations.
-You can catch the crews at the many farmer’s markets around the island each week. If you’d like to pick up a box of your selections at the market, just give Haole Girl Island Sweets 24 hours’ notice and they’ll bring them out to your preferred spot.