Healthy Hut Market & Cafe

Healthy Hut Market & Cafe - Organic Natural Foods Store in North Kauai
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4.5 / 5
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The Healthy Hut Market & Cafe is a popular organic and natural food grocery store located in North Kauai. This is a fantastic place to go to get fresh produce and healthy snacks, with a good stock of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free dry goods. Make sure to check out the cafe portion as well for delicious smoothies and hot espresso drinks. 

- The Local Expert Team

The Healthy Hut Market & Cafe is a popular natural grocery store and cafe located in the toe town of Kilauea on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. This is a great spot to go when you need a quick bite to eat before a long day of adventuring or want to grab some grocery supplies to take with you wherever your day takes you. 

You’ll find Healthy Hut Market & Cafe at the south end of the village of Kilauea at the intersection of Kuhio Highway and Hookui Road. This business is housed in a long one-story building with a wide parking lot that often plays host to several local food trucks. On the left side of the parking lot, there are several picnic tables for enjoying those snacks and meals gotten from the food trucks or from within at the cafe portion of the Healthy Hut Market & Cafe.

The Healthy Hut Market & Cafe is a fantastic place to buy your favorite nuts, seeds, berries, and more by the ounce or pound. You might even grab a bag and create your own granola mix to take on Hawaiian trails with you. But this is just the start of the healthy mix of groceries available at this natural food store. The Healthy Hut Market & Cafe boasts an incredible stock of natural, gluten-free, and organic foods that include dry goods as well as frozen items. There’s also a full section of produce, most of which are locally sourced, in-season foods. There’s even a section for meats and some prepared foods, including salads and sandwiches.

The prepared food section at the Healthy Hut Market & Cafe is close to the cafe portion of the business, but this cafe is mostly a coffee and smoothie operation. There is a salad bar, but you will otherwise not be able to order food made to order (with the exception of one fresh acai bowl). What you will be able to order, however, is an array of fresh, delicious beverages.

 At the cafe portion of the Healthy Hut Market & Cafe, guests can order fresh organic juices, fruit smoothies, and delicious espresso coffee drinks. The cafe also has an acai bowl that can be ordered at the counter. This bowl comes packed with acai, strawberries, and apple juice with your choice of toppings that include granola, honey, bee pollen, and fresh fruit.  

Popular menu items at the Healthy Hut Market & Cafe include:

Get It Done
The Get It Done is an outstanding creamy smoothy that comes packed with protein powder that will help you power through the day. This Healthy Hut Market & Cafe creamy smoothie also features hemp milk, banana, maca powder, and cinnamon. 

Berry Berry
This extra-fruity smoothie starts with almond milk and then loads into that base a ton of delicious fruits. The Berry Berry comes with strawberries, blueberries, bananas, coconut chunks, and rolled dates. 

Espresso Shake
If you find yourself wanting that espresso drink but not really wanting a hot caffeinated drink, then this is the perfect alternative. The Espresso Shake smoothie comes with espresso and almond milk as the base and into that gets a mixed banana, vanilla, maca powder, coffee beans, and cacao powder. 

Note that when visiting, the cafe portion of Healthy Hut Market & Cafe closes much earlier than the market portion of the business, with the cafe at 5 pm daily and the grocery store itself at 8:30.

Insider Tip:
If you are in a rush or otherwise don’t want to spend time combing through the aisles at Healthy Hut Market & Cafe, you can neatly order all of your grocery supplies ahead of time. Simply go to their website, build up your cart, and pay. Then, your order will be all collected and ready at the front of the store for you in about two hours. You can even have your groceries delivered Monday through Friday in select areas of Kauai.