Baby Beach

Baby Beach/Kaheka Beach – Where to Go for Beachside Fun Without the Crowds
The Bottom Line:

Also known as Kaheka Beach, Baby Beach serves as a chill place to swim, relax, and build sandcastles when you simply want to avoid the crowds. As the name suggests, the waters at this South Shore Kauai beach are calm enough for even babies to enjoy. Just be forewarned, there are no lifeguards, bathrooms, or other facilities – and parking can prove quite challenging.       

- The Local Expert Team

Located just to the west of Hanakaape Bay, Kaheka/Baby Beach is a great place to go when you want to swim, build sandcastles, and just relax the day away. With its soft, golden sands and brilliant blue water, this hidden gem in South Shore Kauai never fails to delight beachgoers in need of oceanfront fun.

Also known as Baby Beach, this beach earns its nickname from its relatively calm waters. Thanks to the small point on the eastern edge and the reef running parallel to the shore, the waves break up far before they hit the beach. As a result, even the youngest beachgoers can enjoy the water without getting knocked over by the waves.

Although it’s the picture of pure perfection, this beach does not get as many visitors as nearby waterfront locations. Since the beach lies along a quiet neighborhood, most people likely pass it up for more accessible spots along the island’s southern shores. The lack of dedicated parking and obvious access points likely complicates matters as well.

Beyond that, the beach does not have any lifeguards on duty at any time. Besides stormy days, the water remains calm enough for swimming, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfectly safe. Due to the minimal access points, it could take a while for help to arrive if something does go wrong. There are also no bathrooms, showers, or even trash cans on site. So, you’ll need to leave and find a public bathroom if nature calls, plus pack out whatever you bring with you on your trip.

Top activities to enjoy at Baby Beach include:

Relaxing in the Sun
With its ultra-chill vibe, this beach lets you relax in style without the risk of disruptions. Just bring your beach umbrella plus a lounge chair or a towel if you like to keep it simple. Then, kick back and relax for as long as you wish while reading a book or taking in the gorgeous views all around.

Swimming Along the Coast
Without a ton of strong waves hitting the shore, you can easily swim to your heart’s content while visiting this beach. Once you walk out past knee level, you’ll want to keep your feet off the bottom, however, since it’s covered in lava rocks. If you bring a boogie board, you can kick out and all around without even touching the bottom once.

Snorkeling for Sea Turtles
Since the waters are so calm, Baby Beach is the perfect place to go snorkeling, especially if you want to check out the sea turtles and other marine life. You’ll want to start your explorations all along the reef where you’re sure to see the most colorful fish around. Don’t forget to come out of the water to explore the shores for a chance to see monk seals basking in the sun.

Building Sandcastles
The golden sands along the shores beg for a chance to become the sandcastles of your dreams. So, bring your sandcastle building tools and plenty of imagination, and then get started in bringing your vision to life. Your creations will stay standing longer than at other beaches, too, since the waves won’t come in hard and fast to knock them over.

Since there’s no onsite parking lot, you’ll need to find a place to park along the neighborhood roads. The stairway down to the beach lies just between houses 5142 and 5152, but you can park further out if you cannot find a spot close to the access point. Just remember to be mindful of the residents’ driveways and such while looking for a good parking spot.  

Insider Tips:
-The beach has tons of rocks all along the shores, so wear water shoes to protect your feet.
-If you want to avoid parking troubles, arrive early in the day to snag a spot near the access point.
-Need showers and restrooms? Just head over to Lawai Kai Beach, which is about five minutes down Lawai Road.