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Astrology Brought Down to Earth at Star Gaze Hawaii
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4 / 5
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If you are looking for the ideal evening or night adventure, why not try one of the Star Gaze Hawaii experiences, which allows you a sea-level look at many astronomical wonders? You will also have access to a star chart, red LED chart light, and a pictorial object list, as well as be directed by an experienced astrologer. 

- The Local Expert Team

Established in 1992, Star Gaze Hawaii in Kealakekua, HI, has utilized excellent optics and shared stimulating star lore with guests. Whether you are an astronomy expert or are a novice in the field, you will appreciate the scientific endeavor that is astronomy and how deeply personal an act of exploration it truly provides. Keep in mind that in no other field of science—outside of astronomy—can a novice examine raw data and come away with personal impressions. 

At Star Gaze, you will be paired with an astronomer for your tour guide that will provide background information and help you understand what you are viewing through the high-quality equipment. Each guest is purposefully paired with the right telescope for them as every person’s eyesight is different. Therefore, in order to maximize the guest viewing experience, the focus field and telescope have to be paired with the guest’s eyesight. The Star Gaze methods for doing this successfully are time-tested and unique. 

The selection of deep space objects that you can view as part of your experience at Star Gaze Hawaii is visually impactful and designed to expand the participants’ horizons. You can choose from a few experiences for Big Island Stargazing, which includes the Seaside Stargazing Tour. The Seaside Stargazing Tour takes place at a coastline hotel. The equipment you will use to star gaze is expertly maintained and extremely high quality to ensure that all guests get quality views. Your entire experience will be overseen by an experienced astronomer who will tell you stories of star lore and various historical astronomy facts. 

Another stargazing option is the Oahu Island Stargazing experience. This is ideal for the Oahu guest and takes place at the Stars Above Hawaii, Ko Olina Resort, Oahu. This tour is designed to feature the stars above Hawaii and is the perfect way to view the stars from paradise on earth. 

Star Gaze Hawaii also offers the Astrophotography Session, with a duration of two hours. During this experience, you will be using the Vaonis Stellina Robotic camera. The purpose of the session is to acquire pictures of many deep space objects. Deep space objects are dim and generally require a long exposure. Consequently, during your two-hour session, you can expect to obtain images of a handful of objects. You as the guest will control the camera exposures and the telescope and the images will be sent to your cell phone or email. 

If you would rather enjoy a private experience, you can opt for the Private Stargazing Session in either one-hour or two-hour increments. These private sessions take place at the Westin Hapuna Beach Resort. The open vistas and pristine skies make for an unsurpassed stargazing experience. The one-hour session is a guided tour available for between 6 and 10 guests and includes private access to the telescope. The two-hour session is a guided tour for private groups numbering up to 15. It also includes private access to telescopes and involves one to two telescopes. 

The Kohala Coast provides a unique stargazing experience that you simply cannot achieve anywhere else in the world. Because of its specific geographic topology, Star Gaze Hawaii is able to feature sea-level stargazing. The idea is to wear your aloha shirt and shorts and enjoy all the hotel amenities that are all around you, all while experiencing an amazingly unique stargazing experience that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. 

Star Gaze Hawaii focuses on obscure space objects that don’t show up on the top 10 list of any Astronomy list. Due to this, and the fact that the company is owned and operated by a principal astronomer that has been doing this since 1962, you will learn a great deal more about the general field of astronomy here at Star Gaze than through other companies. The motto is “Astrology brought down to earth”. They also use visual aids like laser pointers to further help guests find the hidden treasures in the skies.

Insider Tips:
-Since stargazing can be very dependent on weather, each day’s sessions will be confirmed or canceled by just after 5 pm via email or text. If the weather turns bad for star viewing after that hour for later sessions, Star Gaze Hawaii will send out cancellations in the same manner. 
-Star Gaze Hawaii states that with their high-end equipment you can see Saturn’s rings. 
-Keep in mind that telescopic views of astronomical objects are faded and dim to the human eye. That’s why the presence of an expert is needed. 
-Reviewers claim this is the perfect after-dinner activity with no age limits. It is further claimed to be comfortable stargazing done at tropical temperatures.