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Relax, Have Fun and Let us do The Work: Pacific Rim Divers
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Seeing the Kona coast from under the surface of the beautiful Pacific Ocean is a great way to connect with the majesty and wonder of the Hawaiian islands. Choose an adventure with Pacific Rim Divers to make your vacation truly unforgettable for all the right reasons. 

- The Local Expert Team

Born of Frank and Patrice’s dream of owning a boat and taking people diving, Pacific Rim Divers of Kailua-Kona is proud to be living out that dream daily. This couple, along with their team, safely share their love of the ocean with all the guests who come aboard for a diving adventure. Lots of fish stories, a zen-like experience, and Frank’s corny jokes all combine to make Pacific Rim Divers different from other diving companies, which explains the impressive 85% customer return rate. 

The beautiful dolphin logo, designed by graphic designer Daniel Kauahi, is featured on the bow of the impressive Boundless and is also found on graphic t-shirts, hats, and tanks, which you can take home with you. As with any diving team, the star is the boat and Pacific Rim Divers have one of the best in the form of the 34-foot aluminum Munson custom-designed Boundless. 

The Boundless boasts a shaded deck with a few key sunning spots allowing guests to bask in the warm sun. It also features a hot water shower that is ideal for rinsing off the salt water and warming up after a dive. There is a rinse bucket and even a camera table for dedicated photographers. The snack table always remains well-stocked and includes Patrice’s famous brownies you will not want to miss. An ice water jug, USB charging ports, and double ladders add to the diving experience on the Boundless. 

When it comes to diving adventures, you can opt for two main diving options with Pacific Rim Divers. One is the daily morning charters. These dives are the best way to scuba dive Kona and experience Hawaii’s reefs along the way. The two-tank morning charter allows guests to explore the reefs along the coast, and observe schools of fish, arches, and lava tubes. Guests might even see a manta, whale shark or lazy sea turtle, or honu. This dive takes place between five and 20 minutes from the harbor and includes snacks/water, weights, tanks, and an experienced dive guide. 

On the other end of the spectrum from the early morning is the beloved Kona Manta Ray Night Dive, when a changing of the guard happens for reef dwellers. This is one of the most popular activities in all of Hawaii and one that Pacific Rim Divers has been successfully doing for 25 years. Whether this is a one or two-tank dive will depend on the time of the sunset. 

Snacks, water, weights, tanks, and an experienced dive guide are all part of this dive. On the night dive, guests will observe as Manta Rays feed on plankton that is attracted to the light put out by Pacific Rim Divers. They also know exactly where to go to find the plankton, meaning guests will get to experience these gentle beauties 90% of the time. 

In addition, guests who want to experience the fun of a boat ride with their family or friends are allowed to ride along even if they aren’t diving. They can also snorkel on any Pacific Rim Divers Charter. For those who will be participating in a diving adventure fully, the Kona Coast boasts 60 different dive sites, which vary from a one-minute boat ride to an hour away. The two-tank morning charter at Pacific Rim can access about 40 of these sites via a 20-minute boat ride. 

Because the dive sites are all amazing in their own way, the experts at Pacific Rim Divers will choose the ideal dive site based on factors like the current or swells as well as guest preference. In other words, if guests want to see arches or lava tubes, would like to see a certain sea creature, or prefer a deeper dive, when possible, this will alter the dive location. 

Insider Tips:
-Pacific Rim Divers welcome young, old, beginners or experienced divers or snorkelers on their adventures. 
-Guests rave about the small group size Pacific Rim boasts of only between six and eight divers at a time. 
-Pacific Rim Divers encourages guests to bring snacks if they have dietary restrictions, along with their personal dive equipment, towel, sunscreen, camera, dive certification card, and of course, a sense of adventure.