James Angelo’s Underground Pizza

James Angelo's Underground Pizza – Enjoy Thin-Crust Goodness in an Ultra-Cozy Waimea Eatery
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

At James Angelo’s Underground Pizza, they expertly create thin-crust pizza absolutely bursting with toppings. Better yet, their ultra-cozy Waimea eatery puts you center stage, allowing you to watch all the action behind the counter. Their bright aloha spirit shines through in all they do, too, so you’ll always be welcomed through the doors like family.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Whenever ultra-thin pizza starts calling your name, put James Angelo’s Underground Pizza on your radar. A true Waimea favorite, this cozy eatery lets you watch in awe as they toss their dough, build each pizza, and then put it in the oven until bubbly and hot. On top of that, you can count on them warmly welcoming you through the doors, and then keeping the aloha going all through your meal.

In fact, when you arrive, you’ll hear the alohas ring out from behind the counter before the team goes back to work in preparing all their amazing food. With that, you know it’s time to grab your favorite drink from the cold case and sidle up to your table of choice. Since this place stays plenty busy all day, that might be a tall order. So, if you don’t see any spots open, get on the list and wait it out. It’s worth the time you spend kicking around a bit.

If you didn’t BYOB, you can use that extra time to go across the street to the gas station for your beer of choice. Otherwise, just chill in the seats near the front entrance until they call your name. Once you get a table, you can start browsing the menu and order up whatever appetizers look good to you.

Then, get ready to put in your orders for the main course as well. Can’t agree on what to get? Let everyone order their favorite pizzas by the slice instead of getting the whole pie. Since everything is made from scratch, it can take a while to get your meal. Every table has a clear view into the kitchen, so you can stay well entertained in the meantime by watching them handcraft every last order.

Absolutely order up the:

Garlic Knots
You haven’t really dined at a pizza joint if you don’t start off your meal with their Garlic Knots. At this popular spot, they start this appetizer by portioning out their freshly made pizza dough. Then, they twist them into knots and slather on the garlic butter. After that, the knots land in the oven until golden brown and then get served up six at a time.

Shrimp Scampi White Pizza
For a truly unique take on the pizza experience, get their Shrimp Scampi White Pizza. This popular pizza features garlic butter sauce over its signature dough. Then, they pile on a ½ pound of shrimp before adding even more fresh chopped garlic over top. Pecorino romano punctuates the seafood, while parsley adds a bit of freshness to the mix. The whole lot goes into the oven until bubbly and hot before landing on your table.

When you want to hold all the best pizza flavors in the palm of your hand, treat yourself to a Calzone. They have several recipes available if you want to make it fast, like their Chicken, Eggplant, or Meatball Parmesan varieties. For the ultimate flavor experience, however, you’ll definitely want to go all out and build your own.

Although you might feel tempted to fill up on all their excellent appetizers and entrees, definitely aim to save room for dessert. Their New York Style Cheesecake and Brownie are both out of this world delicious. But it’s their Sicilian-Style Cannoli that never fails to steal the show. Don’t have another inch of room in your belly? Ask to take your dessert to go and enjoy it when your stomach settles a bit.

Insider Tips:
-They are a cash-only establishment. So, stop by the ATM before coming by.
-Their parking lot often has many potholes all around, especially after heavy rain.
-They can only accommodate small groups of four or fewer at their tables. The only exception is their godfather table, which can seat eight. If you want that table, you’ll need to call well in advance to reserve it.
-Superfine flour lands on the floor around the kitchen area, making it rather slippery.