Jack’s Diving Locker

Jack's Diving Locker - A Friendly Place to Take Snorkel, Dive, and Spot a Real Mermaid
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4 / 5
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Jack's Diving Locker is a fun and friendly place to take diving lessons, head out for a dive, or snorkel to your heart's content. Known for its passionate and knowledgeable staff, the company is fully equipped with everything from gear rental to custom-built charter boats. The business also claims to give you an opportunity to spot a real mermaid (but makes no promises). 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Jack’s Diving Locker offers diving tours, diving lessons, and snorkeling in the beautiful waters of Kona. This eco-friendly business is full of friendly staff and fully equipped for a day of fun and discovery in the ocean. The company got its start in 1981 when Jack Clothier, one of the original owners of a dive center in Oahu, moved from one island to another. 

As a NAUI Course Director, Instructor, and Branch Manager, Jack was instrumental in bringing sport diving to this state in the 1970s. With the help of his wife Tina (and later a few investors), the pair were able to get their business up and running. This was a chance for them to show off the real beauty of all that lived below, and they’ve really come through for locals and tourists alike. The company is known for its promotion of the Mermaid Story, which is backed up by a famous photo taken more than 20 years ago. 

Discover What’s Out There 
Diving and snorkeling are more than just a pastime in the state. Visitors come for a day of fun and end up discovering a lifetime hobby of ocean exploration. At Jack’s Diving Locker, you’ll meet instructors with enough enthusiasm to go around. The official motto of the business is “Our friendly people make the difference”, and it’s a standard that the staff live up to no matter when you visit.

This focus on building relationships and offering real value has meant plenty of repeat customers for Jack’s, and the company has enjoyed a stellar reputation since its inception. Customers rave about how their guides helped them spot rare fish by navigating them to the most action-packed parts of the reef. The passion for marine life at Jack’s is undeniable and makes for a very memorable experience. 

The Boats 
Jack’s Diving Locker has a variety of boats, depending on the excursion you take. Capacity is limited to ensure that guests are comfortable on the journey and groups can be split to ensure more personalized attention for each diver. 

Some of the boat amenities include the following:

  • Rinse buckets and table for camera equipment 
  • Fresh water showers 
  • Marine toilet
  • Shaded main deck
  • Dive ladders 
  • Seating on bow and upper deck 

Customers can talk to the staff to pick the boat that’s right for them. For instance, the Naia Nui is a small boat that can zip through the waters, while the Na Pali Kai offers a little more space and a little less speed. 

The Legend of the Mermaid 
Jack’s Diving Locker features the Legend of the Mermaid on its site for any guest who wants to get caught up in the lore of undersea life. For years, people have said that Kona is home to mermaids, a statement was largely dismissed as fantasy. In 1998, though, a divemaster took a photo about 20 minutes off the coast of Kona. In the photo, you can clearly see the silhouette of what looks like a real mermaid. Dubbed the ‘Kaiwi Point Mermaid’, it is thought to be proof of the sightings that people have claimed for more than half a century. 

Whether the mermaid story is true or not, it’s often enough to tempt people into the depths below. Add in the friendly staff and fully equipped boats, and Jack’s Diving Locker is a popular place to be for divers and snorkelers. 

Insider Tips:
-Jack’s Diving Locker is excellent for small groups, but book early because the business is in demand.
-There are several calendars listed on the website, depending on what time of year you go and what you want to see.
-The company is fully equipped with practically any snorkel or dive gear you could need, including a photo table. 
-There is a gift shop and deli on-site.