Waipio Fruit Shack

Waipio Fruit Shack – The Cutest Fruit Shack on the Big Island
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5.0 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Don’t miss a stop at the brightly colored Waipio Fruit Shack for tasty fresh fruits to cool you off after a day of sightseeing. The portions are generous and the staff is ready to help. This fruit shack looks so good you will drive right back if you pass it!

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Most people discover Waipio Fruit Shack on their way to or from the nearby Waipio Valley Overlook. But anytime you are in the area, you can stop by this cute little shack for some of the best-tasting fruit around.

The Waipio Fruit Shack calls itself the “World’s Cutest Fruit Stand.” With its brightly colored façade, a sandbox for kids to play, and dogs and ducks running around, it is definitely in the running for the cutest place to get fruit on the Island of Hawaii.

This stand is more than just a place to buy fruit. It serves as a rest stop for many visitors to the area. Picnic tables and even hammocks provide plenty of space for you to relax after your car trip or to take a break in the middle of the trip.

From the fruit stand, you can catch glimpses of the ocean to the north. The surrounding hills and valleys make an ideal setting for photos. Take plenty of pictures here. You’ll want to capture images of the colorful stand, the ducks, dogs, and abundant fruit that defy belief.

While at the fruit shack, check out the pets roaming around. Ducks and dogs are pets of the owners and have their own antics that make watching them while enjoying your fruit a bonus for the trip. In the past, the fruit shack even had ducklings running around and eliciting smiles and pictures from visitors.

If taking pictures for social media, you likely won’t be able to upload them while at the fruit shack. The area is very remote and does not have cell reception or internet. Therefore, you must use cash to pay or Venmo. Staff members allow visitors to use the honor system when paying by Venmo to pay as soon as they get to an area with cell reception.

Signs at Waipio Fruit Shack alert passing drivers to cold coconuts and tropical fruits. Stop by for a sample of these. While the prices are high, the portions are huge. A single coconut can easily feed two people, depending on the appetites of the eaters.

As a fruit shack, the menu options include the freshest available fruit with coconuts topping the list. Try one or more of these great options when you visit Waipio Fruit Shack:

Cold Coconut
When you order a cold coconut at Waipio Fruit Shack, you get an experience. First, you have the fruit partially cut to allow you to drink the refreshing, electrolyte-packed coconut water. After you finish the water, turn over your coconut to the staff and they will cut it up to allow you to eat the sweet meat inside.

You can watch staff expertly wielding a machete to cut the tough coconuts. You get free entertainment watching the staff prepare your coconut snack. Plus, you get a tasty, fresh, and cold coconut to cool you off and sate your hunger.

White Pineapple
Depending on the time when you visit, you may get to enjoy white pineapple. Visitors highly recommend getting this fruit at the Waipio Fruit Shack when available. White pineapple has a smoother texture and sweeter flavor than yellow pineapple. Even if you don’t think that you like pineapple, the white variation of this fruit may change your mind.

Epic Fruit Pack
The epic fruit pack is a perfect option if you have a family or large group to feed. With a seasonal fruit plate, the epic fruit pack has fed a group of eight previous visitors to the shack.

If you want to get an assortment of fruits available, the epic fruit pack is the best option. This dish comes with a cold coconut and a selection of freshly prepared fruits. The fruit selection will vary based on availability. Plus, if you want something to go from Waipio Fruit Stand, you can order the epic fruit pack.

Indulge in farm-fresh fruits at a beautiful place to relax on your trip when you visit Waipio Fruit Shack. You’ll likely agree that it is the cutest fruit stand you’ve been to.  

Insider Tips:
-Bring cash or use Venmo to pay for your fruit because the Waipio Fruit Shack does not take credit cards.
-Get directions to the Waipio Fruit Shack before you hit the road. There is no cell service or internet in the area.