Zippy’s Hilo

Experience a True Hawaiian Tradition at Zippy's Hilo Restaurant
The Bottom Line:

Zippy’s restaurant is a Hawaiian institution beloved by many generations of Hawaiians over the decades. The hearty dishes served throughout the day include many traditional Hawaiian meals, and the atmosphere of Zippy’s Hilo Restaurant is friendly and welcoming to all who enter, for locals and visitors alike. 

- The Local Expert Team

With a rich history that goes back generations, with traditions of cherished weekly dinners with family and friends, Zippy’s Hilo Restaurant is a much-beloved, iconic spot that has been a part of many celebrations. For years, Zippy’s has been the spot of romantic interludes, post-surf session munchies, and celebrations of all sorts. 

Beginning in 1966, Zippy’s Restaurant was founded by brothers Charles and Francis Higa, on King Street in Honolulu. Through their continued hard work and visionary outlook, Zippy’s became a Hawaii institution, with some 24 locations. Locations for Zippy’s include restaurants on Oahu, Maui, Hilo, and the Hawaii Island, and there are even plans for a Las Vegas location soon. 

The food at Zippy’s Hilo Restaurant has been a go-to, preferred place for local comfort food for over 50 years. The Zip Pac Bentos are the perfect food to take with you to the beach or slurp down a steaming bowl of Zip Min. Other favorites include a tangy plate of Korean Fried Chicken and a barrel of the brand’s famous chili. 

Zippy’s chain has been richly rewarded thanks to its long history of excellence all around Hawaii. These awards include the Ilima Award, Star Circle Perpetual Award, winning First Place in Hawaii’s Best in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, and more by Star-Advertiser, Best of Family awarded by the Honolulu Family Magazine, and the Beef Backer Foodservice Award in 2012. 

Zippy’s Hilo and Zippy’s chain of restaurants proudly give back to the communities that help make them a success. One example of their regular outreach is the Mahalo May Nurses Day, when Zippy’s provides meals to medical professionals throughout the state to celebrate Nurses’ Day. There are other similar outreach programs that Zippy’s organizes throughout the year to continue to promote various causes within the communities they serve. 

Back to the food, because that is after all what makes Zippy’s great, along with their friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The menu features a taste of the island with many Island favorites that reflect the melting pot that is Hawaii. The food is hearty, and features only the highest quality ingredients. 

There are many delicious, filling dishes to try when visiting Zippy’s Hilo Restaurant, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner fare, but there are some items that are considered must-try meals if you visit. 

When visiting Zippy’s Hilo Restaurant, you will want to try the following featured dishes…

Korean Fried Chicken Breakfast
This dish features Korean fried chicken, breakfast meat of your choice, and eggs on a bed of rice.

Meat Lover’s Breakfast
Coming with two pieces of bacon, two pieces of Portuguese Sausage, and two pieces of SPAM corned beef hash, this dish features a side of eggs served on a bed of rice. 

Zip Pac
This is the most famous item on the menu and includes a piece of fried chicken, breaded Hoki fish, a slice of teri beef SPAM, on a bed of rice all topped with takuan and furikake. 

Loco Moco
This local favorite includes a hamburger steak with rice, smothered in brown gravy with two island eggs. 

Perhaps even more beloved than any other menu option is the famous Zippy’s chili. This Hawaiian variation of chili is available in the original recipe, no bean, or vegetarian variety. Other chili dishes include chili and burrito, chili cheese fries, chili and chicken mixed plate, chili frank, chili moco, which is a juicy hamburger topped with chili and eggs, and the chili omelet.

Don’t forget that along with the other options offered at Zippy’s the restaurant is also home to the classic Napoleon’s Bakery, which ensures that every dish can be finished off with a delicious treat. Choose from a wide range of options, including custard pie, apple pie, Chantilly cake, dobash cake, glazed yeast donut, flaky glazed donut, and more.

Insider Tips:
-Zippy’s famous chili is so beloved that the company averages 100 tons of sales each and every month.  
-You can order Zippy’s to go online or join the online waiting list for dine in seating.