Battleship Missouri Memorial

USS Missouri Memorial-A Treasure Trove of American and Naval History
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Visiting the USS Missouri gives visitors a firsthand experience of life on a battleship and the chance to stand where the peace treaty with Japan in WWII was signed. General admission allows guests to explore the ship's two decks and five levels. Guided tours are included with your admission ticket, but for an additional fee, you can see areas of the ship not included with General Admission. Overnight and group events are also available, but you'll need to inquire about cost, availability, and restrictions.

- The Local Expert Team

Picture yourself standing on the teak main deck of the USS Missouri. You follow the main guns aimed inland and notice they oversee the sunken USS Arizona. And at that moment, you realize that the Battleship Missouri Memorial is paying homage to the fallen sailors entombed within and is a treasure trove rich with history. 

Located in Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu, the Battleship Missouri Memorial represents the end of WWII when the peace treaty with Japan was signed. With the USS Arizona, lying close by, America’s involvement in the war when Japan attacked. A day President Roosevelt deemed “the day of infamy.”  

Nicknamed Mighty Mo by its crew, the USS Missouri also saw action in the Korean and Gulf Wars. Even if you’re not a war buff, the Battleship Missouri Memorial has so much to offer that young and old alike will enjoy exploring her decks. 

Your general admission ticket, allows you to wander freely about the decks or take a guided tour. For a more personalized and exclusive experience, there are the following 45-minute tours for an additional cost:

Captain’s Tour
Guests will follow in the footsteps of Mighty Mo’s captains for a close-up look at the Wardroom where officers dined, and the Captain’s cabin. You’ll also climb into the Combat Engagement Center, where the crew launched Tomahawk missiles during the Gulf War. 

Chief Engineer’s Tour
You’ll walk down the widest portion of the ship, known as Broadway. Learn about the role of Mighty Mo’s Chief Engineer. Guests will see the three-story boilers and the machinery that propels this colossus at 30 knots. The grand finale is visiting the analog fire control computers and pulling the trigger that fires the massive guns!  

Passport to Pearl Harbor
Bargain hunters and history lovers will love this package deal! It gives a discounted rate for visiting all of Pearl Harbor’s sites. Including, the USS Missouri, Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum, and Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. However, the pass doesn’t include a reservation for the USS Arizona Memorial. You may purchase tickets for this tour at the National Park Service.

Additionally, the Battleship Missouri Memorial offers unique opportunities for large groups. During Christmas, Photos with Santa lets kids take pictures with Kris Kringle. Mom and dad can enjoy the music and crafts in the meantime. This fun day is free and open to all but doesn’t include a tour of the Battleship Missouri Memorial.

If you have a group of 30-80, consider the Overnight Encampment. This is perfect for youth groups or businesses wanting a unique team-building experience. While the Battleship Missouri Memorial stays moored, participants will experience “life at sea” as the sailors did during Mighty Mo’s glory days. You’ll sleep in the crew berthing area, walk the decks, learn the battleship’s history, and work on activities to develop teamwork. 

Visiting the Battleship Missouri Memorial gives visitors a unique and up-close experience of what life was like sailing the seas during wartime. With the wealth of historical documents, pictures, and artifacts, we believe a trip to Mighty Mo may be your best experience in Hawaii. 

Insider Tips:
-The Captain’s and Chief Engineer’s tours are strenuous as guests climb steep ship ladders, slip through narrow doorways, and duck under bulkheads. Also, these tours are limited to 10 guests; you must be at least eight years old. 
-Because the USS Missouri is on an active naval base on Ford Island, purses and various bags are not allowed. You may check these at a secured storage area when you enter the Pearl Harbor National Memorial for a small fee.