Ted’s Bakery

Ted's Bakery – A Local Favorite on Oahu's North Shore for Baked Goods and Hot Meals
The Bottom Line:

On your way to Sunset Beach, stop at Ted's Bakery for great plate lunches or hearty breakfasts and exceptional pies and cakes. When you visit this popular spot, you'll understand why locals voted it the Best of Hawaii for the last six years.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Voted First Place in Hawaii’s Best every year since 2016 in the People’s Choice Awards by the Star Advertiser, Ted’s Bakery continues to be a favorite of nearby residents and visitors. Stop by on your way to Sunset Beach for unforgettable pies, cakes, and flavorful meals.

The stars of Ted’s Bakery are the pies and cakes. These are so popular that at one time Ted’s Bakery sold them wholesale to area restaurants and stores. Today, however, Ted’s Bakery no longer ships its pies or cakes. If you want to get a whole one, you must get it from the bakery. Call the same day you want to pick up your whole dessert because they do not reserve orders ahead of time.

Unfortunately, you cannot have the pies shipped to your home. Take your chance to enjoy a slice or two while at the bakery. If you order a special lunch plate, you get a free slice of pie with the meal. Use the free slice as a chance to try one of Ted’s Bakery’s many spectacular pies.

While the pies and cakes draw crowds, the plate lunches and breakfast items are also praiseworthy. Many visitors remark on the tastiness of their meals, which also have large portions and reasonable prices. Dishes include egg plates and sandwiches for breakfast and burgers or hot plates for lunch.

Plate lunches at Ted’s Bakery come with Hawaiian staples of rice and creamy macaroni salad. The entrees with those lunches include standards as well. For instance chicken katsu, garlic shrimp, hamburger patty, shoyu chicken, and Hawaiian BBQ short ribs.  

Breakfast plates have eggs served with protein and your choice of white rice or potatoes. Morning proteins include Spam, bacon, Portuguese sausage, hamburger patties, ham, and corned beef. If you prefer an omelet for breakfast, the kitchen has a variety of ingredients to include. Such as bacon, cheese, ham, mushrooms, or even fried rice.

If you need help choosing something from the bakery or hot plates menus at Ted’s Bakery, try one of the following highly recommended options:

Chocolate Haupia Pie
The front of Ted’s Bakery has a large sign calling it the “home of the original chocolate haupia pie”. With such a bold statement, you know that this pie has to be good. Visitors agree that the chocolate haupia pie is outstanding. Despite the richness of the chocolate, the coconut topping perfectly balances it out. Overall, this pie has a light taste and texture that won’t leave you feeling overly full.

While the slices of this pie come individually packaged, eat the dessert at Ted’s Bakery. Taking it back to your hotel could cause it to melt. This takes away from the full experience of enjoying it fresh.

Mixed Plate with Hawaiian BBQ Short Ribs
On the savory side, order a mixed plate lunch with two or three proteins. As one of your entrees, order the Hawaiian BBQ short ribs. This entrée is a premium option that has a higher price. However, you will recognize after your first bite that the extra cost was worth paying.

The short ribs have a well-balanced flavor that includes sweet, salty, and smokey elements. The rich, tender meat pairs perfectly with the rice served on the plate lunch.

As with all of the meals Ted’s Bakery serves, mixed plates have enough food for two people to easily feel full. Consider sharing a mixed plate if you have a smaller appetite.

Spicy Garlic Shrimp
The spicy garlic shrimp has a creamy sauce that includes an extra kick of spice. The sauce perfectly balances the flavors of butter, garlic, and spice. One reviewer recommends adding any extra sauce from the shrimp to the rice that comes with the entree as a way to continue enjoying the flavors in the sauce with your sides.

Diners note that this dish surpasses the flavor of any shrimp dishes served at nearby food trucks and may even be the best shrimp dish on the island.

If you prefer less spice with your meal, you can order the plain garlic shrimp. It has a similarly rich butter sauce but does not have the spice of this entree.

Whether you have a craving for pies, cakes, or a hearty meal, visit Ted’s Bakery when you travel near Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu. You’ll find everything to sate your sweet tooth and your appetite at this local favorite.

Insider Tips:
-Don’t let a long line keep you away. The line moves quickly, and the food will make the short wait worthwhile.
-Seating in the main outdoor area fills up fast. Go across the parking lot for additional seating and restrooms.