Bar Leather Apron

Bar Leather Apron - Artsy Twist of High-End Cocktails
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Bar Leather Apron serves high-end cocktails in an intimate setting. Come for a Royal Kunia what you’re on a date, or when you just want to unwind. Farm to glass cocktails, whiskeys, and small plates are all also available.

- The Local Expert Team

Bar Leather Apron serves specialty cocktails and other top beverages in an intimate setting. This isn’t a place where you merely get a simple drink.

The cocktail menu at Bar Leather Apron features a variety of signature, classic and modern cocktails, appealing to patrons of all ages and tastes. The Kohana Seasonal Daiquiri takes a lime twist on the more well-known strawberry daiquiri, and the Mexican Firing Squad is a sweet-spicy classic in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. No less than four old fashioneds are on the specialty section of the menu, as are other variations on mai tais, sours and others.

A truly unique section of the cocktail menu is the Farm to Glass selection, where local and organic produce is incorporated into drinks rather than dinners. Gin or rum are mixed with locally sourced lemon, mint, cucumber, lime, sugar, and other ingredients to create authentically Hawaiian concoctions.

If you’re not into mixed cocktails, you’ll be no less impressed with the whisky menu at Bar Leather Apron. The menu is one of Hawaii’s most extensive lists, claiming more than 500 scotch, bourbon, and Japanese whiskeys.

To help prevent tippiness after the second sip, a small but tasty food menu complements these other drink ones. A total of five options offer shareables, such as Nana’s Kim Chee Clam Dip, and entrees, like the Smoked Duck Baos. Prices for food are roughly comparable to most drinks barring the most expensive whiskeys.

All of the beverages at Bar Leather Apron are made in an elegant setting that’s dominated by the wood bar and tables, and drinks are served with the highest level of attention to detail. Garnishments here aren’t merely last-minute additions but transform otherwise tasty cocktails into visual works of art.

A few of our favorite menu items at Bar Leather Apron include:

Leather Soul
Single-barrel bourbon is combined with peaty scotch for a dense and complex flavor. Bitters, sweet vermouth, lemon, sea salt, and tobacco are all added to create something that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. This is a house creation, and it’s a popular patron favorite at Bar Leather Apron.

Kohana Seasonal Daiquiri
Kohana Kea (white Hawaiian rum) is infused with lime, sugar, and seasonal garnishes for a truly tropical take on the classic daiquiri. Each season has the same rum and lime base, with a little twist of variety.

Mari’s Garden
Mari’s Garden is a farm-to-glass cocktail that shows the variety of plants that can grow in even a basic Oahu garden. Botanist Gin has floral notes that pair perfectly with the cucumber, yuzu (an Asian citrus fruit), celery, and fennel bitters that are added. Soda provides volume and bubbles.

High-End Whisky
No matter whether you prefer Scotch, bourbon, or Japanese whisky, there’s bound to be one that you haven’t had on the menu of ~500 selections. Find one that’s in your budget and unknown to you. Who said you had to stay local to have something exotic?

Bartender’s Creation
Choosing just one cocktail can be difficult with so many good options on the menu. If you don’t know what to order, tell the bartender what flavors you like and ask them to make something. Everyone behind the bar at Bar Leather Apron is a true professional, and they always like the opportunity to mix up something unique.

There are many places in Honolulu where you can get a drink. When you want an experience, come to Bar Leather Apron. It’s perfect for dates, private relaxing, or general lingering over a good adult beverage.

Insider Tips:
-Although walk-ins are allowed, getting a seat at the bar is highly unlikely without a reservation. An opening will only be available if someone cancels last-minute or leaves early, neither of which happen often at a bar like this. You’re better off making a reservation.
-An uncommon feature of Bar Leather Apron, only reservations for two or more are accepted. Bring a date or friend with you, because getting a place for just one is even more unlikely than getting seated as a walk-in. Reservations for singles aren’t even accepted.