Arvo Cafe

Arvo Cafe: Discover the Aesthetic Appeal and Chill Ambiance of Honolulu's Most Instagrammable Cafe
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4 / 5
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Arvo Cafe brings trendy vibes to the heart of Honolulu, where an Instagrammable aesthetic joins forces with delicious beverages and light eats. Stop by to discover what, exactly, influencers love so much about this popular hangout. You'll love the contemporary style and the relaxed patio atmosphere. 

- The Local Expert Team

There’s no shortage of trendy spots to grab your morning coffee in Honolulu, but few feel as effortlessly cool as downtown’s Arvo Cafe. Often described as ‘Instagrammable,’ this popular hangout has definite contemporary vibes, as captured by the many influencers who flock here.

Thankfully, while the word is definitely out, Arvo Cafe doesn’t feel nearly as crowded or as chaotic as you might expect. Despite its reputation, it generally has laid-back vibes, which you’ll appreciate when you simply want to linger with a cup of coffee.

Yes, you’ll almost certainly have to wait a few minutes for your latte, but that’s because it’s made with such care. The espresso is sourced from the famed Sightglass in San Francisco and the pristine presentation feels in keeping with the cafe’s contemporary decor.

The beverages are the main attraction at Arvo Cafe, but you’ll also find plenty of light eats. These are worth trying when you don’t need a super hearty breakfast. Several vegetarian and vegan options are available, which is appealing to many visitors with dietary restrictions or meat-free preferences.

The interior of Arvo Cafe is beautifully decorated. However, the patio is definitely the place to be. There, you’ll find plenty of tables, plus umbrellas for shade. Grab your favorite beverage and meal — and take your time as you enjoy the pleasant atmosphere at this Honolulu hotspot.

Our favorite beverages include the following:

Lavender Latte
Inherently calming, this popular latte does not hold back with its lavender scent and flavor. Dried petals provide an upscale touch, so you’ll definitely want to snap a photo before you start drinking.

Charcoal Latte
You may have your doubts when ordering this drink, as charcoal probably doesn’t sound all that enticing. Give it a chance, however, and you’ll come away convinced that charcoal is a latte essential. 

Ombre Lemonade
This unique, color-changing beverage is definitely refreshing. You’ll be too entranced to actually consume it, as the blend of colors is downright mesmerizing. 

Our favorite dishes include:

Nutella Toast
When you have a sweet tooth, this will be your Arvo Cafe go-to. It’s not just chocolatey: it’s loaded with bananas, strawberries, and even coconut flakes. 

Matcha Chia Pudding
As healthy as it is delicious, this treat looks and tastes divine. It includes plenty of fresh fruit, plus a sprinkle of coconut flakes. Best of all? Heavenly matcha whipped cream, topped with a beautiful flower for extra aesthetic appeal. 

Arvo Green Salad
Perfect for a lunchtime visit, this salad is loaded with essentials such as mixed greens, tomatoes, and red onions. It also gets a hint of sweetness from strawberries, creaminess from the avocado, and crunch from crushed walnuts. A house shallot vinaigrette adds a burst of flavor. You’re welcome to add smoked salmon or even meatballs for an added fee. 

Arvo’s name tells you everything you need to know about this cool cafe: in Australian slang, ‘arvo’ means afternoon. The goal, of course, is to promote an excellent afternoon by ensuring that your morning is picture-perfect — and perfectly caffeinated. Stop by Arvo Cafe to set your day up for an idyllic Honolulu afternoon.

Insider Tips:
-As with any downtown spot, parking is often a chief source of complaint when visiting Arvo Cafe. It’s not as bad here as at other downtown shops, however, as there are a few lots conveniently located nearby. Kakaako near Starbucks is typically the way to go, as your parking will be validated. Street parking is available but can get pricey quickly if you choose to stick around for more than a few minutes. 
-Arvo Cafe is dog-friendly, so feel free to bring Fido for a patio visit. If you arrive accompanied by a four-legged friend, you’ll get a water bowl to keep your furry companion hydrated.