White Plains Beach

White Plains Beach: Discover the Joy of Surfing at This Beginner-Friendly Beach
The Bottom Line:

Hit the waves at the lovely White Plains Beach, which is an appealing destination for all types of vacationers but especially desirable for novice surfers. Offering plenty of amenities as well as stunning views, this local favorite is popular among residents but also attracts its fair share of vacationers. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Embrace the vibrant atmosphere at the festive White Plains Beach, where novice surfers gather alongside friendly groups of local residents. The views are gorgeous and the waves are exciting…what’s not to love? From sunbathing to frolicking in the waves, there really is something for everyone at this lovely spot. White Plains Beach is located just half an hour away from the heart of Honolulu. Far enough to ditch the touristy areas when you need a break from the hustle and bustle. Yet, near enough that you can get back to the city for lunch if desired. 

All the essential amenities are provided at White Plains Beach. Including bathrooms, showers, picnic areas, and lifeguards to keep everybody safe. There is also ample parking, so you should have no trouble pulling up to the beach. Even if you visit during peak afternoon hours to observe the weekend rush. If you’re like the many people who visit primarily for surfing, you’ll be pleased to find an abundance of rental equipment available, including surfboards. Beware if you tend to head out later in the day. Some people complain that the rentals close earlier than expected. 

While the waves aren’t strong enough to make swimming impossible, it is not an ideal beach for goofing off in the waves with young children. Older kids and teens may find the waves enticing. However, the parents are relieved by the presence of lifeguards. Others are driven away not by the waves, but by the rocks. For this reason, when visiting White Plains Beach, many people arrive equipped with water shoes, which make navigating the water a lot more enjoyable. That being said, wandering around barefoot here is easier than at other Hawaiian beaches. The rocks are generally small and there’s no coral. 

Surfing is the main attraction here. Yet, advanced surfers may want to look elsewhere for a greater challenge. Others may want to search for another spot simply because surfing at this beach can be so physically taxing. The waves are notoriously consistent, which makes for a lot of physical activity. Need to burn some extra calories after eating delicious dishes in Honolulu? A surfing session at White Plains Beach should do the trick.

An action-packed day of surfing or sandcastle building is well within reach when you visit White Plains Beach. A brief drive from Honolulu will take you to the perfect middle-ground beach that has all the action without the crowds. Including all the waves without the danger. Stop by to discover what locals love so much about this pleasant beach.

Insider Tips:
-While most visitors report feeling perfectly safe at White Plains Beach, there is a sign in the parking area that warns about theft. If possible, leave valuables behind or lock them in the trunk of your vehicle while visiting this beach. 
-Some people claim that they have successfully walked their dogs on this beach, but many others report that this location is not pet-friendly.