Kalama Beach Park

Kalama Beach Park - Quiet Shaded Park With Beach Access & Comfort Facilities
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4 / 5
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Kalama Beach Park on the island of Oahu is a gorgeous park tucked beneath shady green trees and with ample picnic and bathing facilities. This park is a great place to go if you're traveling with kids thanks to its calm, shallow waters and plenty of shady spots, or if you're simply looking to escape the busier beach areas. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

There are two Kalama Beach Parks in Hawaii. One is in Maui and the other, the one this article is about, is on the island of Oahu. Oahu’s Kalama Beach Park is located on the north side or the windward side of the island. This is an incredibly popular public space, often drawing both locals and island guests every hour of the day.

Kalama Beach Park covers several acres in a rectangular shape that stretches with one short edge along the bustling N. Halaheo Avenue and the opposite short end offering sandy white beaches along the coast. This beach, which is a part of the larger Kailua Beach, is renowned for its soft sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters. While it’s not best for general swimming due to its shallow and rocky floor, this part of the beach is great for snorkeling. When the winds and tides are just right you can also enjoy, surfing, windsurfing, and body boarding. In fact, one of the world’s best (or at least most winning-est with 24 world titles) windsurfers, Robbie Naish, has long used and continues to use this part of Kailua Bay as his preferred playing grounds.

The beach at Kalama Beach Park is certainly the big draw for this public park, but it has more than just a stretch of sand to beckon people in. This is a well-loved park and the local park rangers help ensure that its beach volleyball courts are kept up and in good condition for people to use. There are also full restrooms and outdoor showers for people to use throughout their stay and usage of the park and beaches.

When you need a break from the bright sun on the beach, Kalama Beach  Park likewise has great options for that as well. Most of this park exists as green spaces — shaded green spaces. There are grassy lawns covered by large trees that are perfect for picnics and simply relaxing as you enjoy the ocean breezes. Or, if you wish to take your picnicking to the next level, then you can also utilize one of the park’s several picnic shelters that are outfitted with picnic tables and BBQ pits for grilling. 

Kalama Beach Park does have its own dedicated parking lot, but it will get full and fast. This is especially true on the weekends and on school holidays (including Hawaii’s spring break and summer break holidays) as this beach park has a lot to offer young kids and teenagers looking for fun. Parents like the frequent lifeguards and shallower shoreline waters while older teens and young adults enjoy the surf-friendly waves just a touch further out. 

It’s also important to note that this parking lot does have a gate that gets locked every night. You will get a parking ticket if you either get to your car and try to leave after the posted time (which changes depending upon the season) or otherwise try and leave your car overnight.

Insider Tips:
-Right next door to the Kalama Beach Park is the Kalama Beach Club. If you are looking to stay for a longer time in this part of Hawaii, then this is an excellent group to be a part of. They host events, offer water-sport rentals and storage, and more.
-There is a posted lifeguard here on the weekends during swimming seasons and select holidays (like Hawaii’s spring break). 
-If parking isn’t available at Kalama Beach Park, you can go about a mile southeast to Kailua Beach Park. This is a much larger park with more dedicated parking spaces. It’s also one that is connected to that same strip of beach. While this beach doesn’t quite have all the same picnic facilities and shady tree-lined green spaces as Kalama Beach Park, you can always walk to the other.