Bellows Field Beach Park

Bellows Field Beach Park: Discover a Pristine Oahu Beach With Soft Sand and Exciting Waves
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4 / 5
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Situated within the confines of an Air Force station, Bellows Field Beach Park boasts some of Oahu's finest views and most exciting recreational opportunities. This historically relevant beach has it all: sand, sun, waves, and awe-inspiring views.

- The Local Expert Team

Discover the best views of Waimanalo at Bellows Field Beach Park. This beach makes for an excellent day trip when you’re staying in or near Honolulu, although you’re also welcome to camp at one of several dozen pristine sites. 

As part of the Bellows Air Force Station, Bellows Field has a remarkable history. It began as Waimanalo Military Reservation over a century ago, but was renamed for a 2nd lieutenant following a deadly airplane accident. Over a decade later, Bellows Field was attacked along with Pearl Harbor. This resulted in the deaths of two Americans, as well as the capture of the alleged first prisoner of war from World War II.

The beach’s transformation into a recreational wonderland didn’t take place until the 1960s when a significant portion of the Bellows Air Force Station was turned over to the state of Hawaii. Since then, the beach has attracted a loyal following, made possible not only by its gorgeous views but also, by exciting waves that clearly lend themselves to boogie boarding.

Bodysurfing is also popular here, but simply frolicking in the waves or even casual wading can be a blast. Lifeguards are on duty during the day, so you can feel safe no matter how you choose to spend time in the water.

Don’t worry if you’re not feeling particularly active or adventurous. While some of Hawaii’s best bodysurfing beaches aren’t particularly suited to sunbathing or playing in the sand, these — and a wide array of other activities — are nothing short of idyllic at Bellows Field. The sand here is wonderfully soft, so there’s no need to worry about stepping on rocks.

Not only is it soft and welcoming, but the white sand also adds significantly to the beach’s general aesthetic appeal. Other perks include turquoise water and a lovely mix of pine and palm trees. These provide just enough shade, so you can find shelter from the sun if you need it. If you’re like most casual visitors, however, you’ll make every effort to soak in the sun.

Because of the vast size of this beach, you can always find an open space in which to relax. While it can sometimes get busy on the weekends, it’s nowhere near as crowded as the main tourist beaches on Oahu. Arrive in the morning and you’ll score not only the best views but also, a relatively secluded experience that rivals that of Oahu’s most iconic beaches.

Modest facilities are available, including picnic tables, restrooms, and showers. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it as you take in the view. Otherwise, you can also take advantage of the food trucks that have been known to gather near the entrance to the Air Force station. 

If you’re on the hunt for a mesmerizing beach experience on the island of Oahu, look no further than Bellows Field Beach Park. This beach may take slightly more effort to reach than your typical tourist enclave, but your journey will end in the ultimate reward: a stunning beach getaway that feels like a Hawaiian paradise.