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Top Shot Spearfishing - Freediving Spearfishing with Top-notch Pro Guides
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Top Shot Spearfishing offers group and private dives. Safety is paramount, and professional guides spend classroom time teaching about speargun safety, breathing and diving techniques, and hunting tactics. All gear is included, and you must be at least fourteen years old to participate. 

- The Local Expert Team

Top Shot Spearfishing is the perfect adventure for anglers, adventure seekers, and those new to the sport of spearfishing. Let’s dive in to understand what you can expect on a Top Shot Spearfishing tour.

The dream-child behind Top Shot Spearfishing is Jeremy Selg. In 1993, Jeremy developed his passion for the sport in the cold, murky waters of the Pacific Northwest. At that time, being a spearo (a person who spearfishes) was unheard of in his area, so Jeremy learned by trial and error. As fate would have it, some locals returned from spearfishing in Oahu and mentored Jeremy, making him a more confident and competent spearo.

Jeremy moved to Oahu in 2005 and worked on identifying Hawaiian fish, learning their habits, and improving his breathing and hunting techniques. 

As Jeremy developed, simultaneously, the sport of spearfishing grew in popularity. Jeremy realized no one was mentoring or training new spearos. With his passion for preserving the reefs and sharing his philosophies and skills in spearfishing, Jeremy created Top Shot Spearfishing.  

Today, Jeremy has a location in the Launiupoko area of Maui and a shop on Kona, too. We will be focusing on his Maui store.

We found Top Shot Spearfishing appealing because of its commitment to safety, training, and respecting the ocean and reefs. If you’re interested in trying this sport, you should have basic snorkeling experience and be fourteen years or older.

Top Shot Spearfishing has top-notch professional guides with years of experience spearfishing in Maui. 

Safety is their number one concern, and it shows. Diving with a weapon like a speargun isn’t something Top Shot Spearfishing take likely. That is why your day will begin at 8 AM in the classroom. Here, your professional guide teaches you how to handle and operate the 3 Prong Polespear safely. They have trained over 10,000 spearos and remain 100% accident-free. 

After the safety lessons, your guide moves into the all-important breathing methods and relaxing skills needed for freediving. Their mantra is “Float, relax, and breathe.” Such techniques are not new, and you may have incorporated them doing yoga, cycling, or singing. 

Your last lesson focuses on hunting and fish stalking techniques. Instructors teach you how to “think like a fish” and share “golden nuggets” from their hunts to make yours successful. 

When your classes are over, you head to the dive location for 2.5 hours of spearfishing.

Here are some other key points to consider:

No Boat Ride
Hawaii’s reefs are close to shore, so at Top Shot Spearfishing, you’ll enter the ocean from the beach. You’ll be spearfishing sooner than if you were on a boat. Additionally, you’ll have time to practice the classroom skills you’ve learned in the open water.

Dive Locations
Reefs are natural ecosystems that change from day to day. Top Shot Spearfishing researches the best spots to dive, so you have the best experience possible. 

Invasive and Target Species
Spearfishing helps regulate predatory fish that can overtake and destroy reefs. Top Shot Spearfishing hunts fish like the Roi grouper that can consume 150 fish a year. 

Top Shot Spearfishing offers group and private dives, and your gear is included in the price. From start to finish, classroom instruction and dives take about five hours. While they supply water and granola bars, they recommend eating breakfast before arriving. 

Top Shot Spearfishing offers safe and exciting tours for all levels and ages. We agree with their website that Top Shot Spearfishing will be the experience of your lifetime. 

Insider Tips:
If you have a budding spearo between 12-14 years old, they may still be able to go spearfishing. You’d need to call Top Shot Spearfishing for information about a private tour.