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Shoreline Snuba - Only Maui Tour Company Offering Shoreline SNUBA
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Want the freedom of going further like scuba diving but not with all the hefty equipment? Enter SNUBA. SNUBA is like snorkeling with an air tube and one of the best tour outfits to enjoy such a cool underwater experience with is Shoreline SNUBA Maui. 

- The Local Expert Team

Snorkeling makes it easy for swimmers to explore the underwater world, but it does have its limitations. You cannot dive far beneath the ocean’s surface unless you really hold your breath whilst doing so — but even if you do that, you’re still limited by how long you can hold your breath. You might think the only alternative would then be scuba diving, which comes with all of its own hurdles with bulky equipment and the encouragement of classes prior to diving, but what if we said there was a third option. Enter SNUBA.

SNUBA is a wonderful blend between snorkeling and scuba diving in which swimmers are connected with an airline that leads to an oxygen tank nestled in a boat or raft above the surface. Swimmers then breath through a special mouthpiece that feels much like a snorkel’s mouthpiece, and is thus able to dive further and explore beyond the surface but without fears of running out of breath. Plus, unlike scuba diving, you don’t need to go through a certification process

There are a couple of tour outfits in Maui that offers SNUBA diving, but Shoreline SNUBA Maui is the only diving company that offers such private tours from the beach. Shoreline SNUBA adventures are great for the whole family as it makes it easy for people to jump in and explore at whatever level they are comfortable with. That can mean staying close to the shore or going down and out five, ten, or fifteen feet to get real close to the unique underwater world that exists on Maui’s coasts. Enjoying SNUBA from a beach launch is a good pick for those who feel a certain nervousness about getting out in deeper ocean waters and conditions. 

Shoreline SNUBA not only is the only tour outfit that is allowed from the beach, but they likewise do all of their tours as private ones. This means that when you book, it is only going to be you and your party with the guides. You can choose from several beach launches, each with its own comfort or difficulty level and special sights. All of their dive locations are home to Hawaiian green sea turtles and will feature coral reefs and the many fish that call them home. 

Upon booking your time and desired location, your SNUBA guides will meet you at the requested appointment with all of the necessary gear in tow. Everyone participating in the experience will go through a quick 15-minute tutorial on how the SNUBA mouthpieces and airline operate to ensure everyone is confident. Then, it’s time to don on the SNUBA gear and fins and head out. The entire experience will last about two hours, with a complete dive with the air tank lasting about 35 to 40 minutes (so you can expect to do two complete dives during your time with Shoreline SNUBA). 

If you have young kids or people in your party who are hesitant about deeper ocean waters or who are prone to motion sickness and aren’t eager to be on a boat tour, then Shoreline SNUBA is a fantastic group to book with. This is a friendly, easy way to see more of Maui’s underwater life and to do so in the comfort of just your own group.

Insider Tips:
-Shoreline SNUBA is also a good choice if you have a small to mid-size group and only a couple of people want to do this experience as everyone is invited to the beach sites and even out to the water to take pictures. Booking for the tour is really booking for use of the SNUBA equipment. 
-All of the Shoreline SNUBA dive sites are at popular beaches that have their own attractions and nearby amenities. We recommend planning this trip as a full beach day to enjoy all that your booked area has to offer.