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Shaka Guide Audio Tour-Professionally Produced Self-Guided Car Tours
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Shaka Guide Audio Tour offers self-guided tours throughout Hawaii. The app works offline and gives turn-by-turn directions. History-rich stories engage and entertain, and users may set their own pace and schedule. The cost is minimal, and the purchase never expires. 

- The Local Expert Team

In Hawaii, shaka is the hand signal associated with the Islands. You make the gesture by folding down your three middle fingers while keeping your thump and pinky upright.

Like the word “aloha,” shaka has many meanings, all of them good. Shaka can mean “thank-you,” “hello,” or “good-bye,” “how’s it going,” and “I love you.” 

It’s no wonder that Rita and Andrew chose the word when they created their audio tours in 2016. 

Shaka Guide Audio Tours uses the best creative writers, voice talents, producers, and technicians to create professional productions that entertain and educate. This dedicated team ensures that every word, every song, every story is on point to deliver a content-rich audio experience. 

Shaka Guide Audio Tour is the perfect choice for sightseers who don’t like jammed-pack bus tours and want to set their own pace. The audio tours also allow you to skip specific locations and meander longer at those you love. Try doing that on a bus tour! 

Another perk in using Shaka Guide Audio Tour is the cost. For the price of a lunch, Shaka Guide Audio Tours give you:

  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Operate offline 
  • History-rich stories
  • Professionally produced content
  • Supports nonprofits
  • Tours never expire
  • 24/7 Customer support

We will look specifically at their West Maui Coastline Tour. On this tour, you’ll not only see picturesque coastlines but visit popular resort towns and pristine snorkeling destinations. 

Yes, you could drive the route without using Shaka Guide Audio Tour, but you’d miss hearing the well-crafted stories about Hawaiian culture. The West Maui Coastline Tour takes you to the ancient Petroglyphs, the Maui Ocean Center, Dragon Tooth Trail, and snorkeling in Honolua Bay, to name a few. 

Shaka Guide Audio Tour recommends starting your tour at 10 AM, and you’ll need to plan on this tour taking 6-8 hours. Your starting point is Kahului, and you’ll drive clockwise, ending in Waikapu. This tour has 79 narration points and visits 17 locations. 

Customers say the app is easy to use and have given Shaka Guide Audio Tour 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google Play Store. Others add that the narrators are entertaining to listen to, and the stories are insightful and engaging. Even those traveling with teens said they loved the experience, too.  

Keep in mind that your purchase price doesn’t include costs for things like:

  • Entrance fee to Maui Ocean Center
  • Parking fees
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Entrance fee to Ohai Loop Trail and Overlook
  • Entrance fee to Slaughterhouse Beach
  • Entrance fee to Lao Valley State Monument
  • Renting snorkeling gear

If you’re looking for a self-guided tour of Hawaii filled with rich content that is professionally produced, you need to try Shaka Guide Audio Tours.

Insider Tip:
The tour will take you on a narrow, one-way road past the blowholes. Before embarking, double-check with your car rental company that they won’t void the insurance on this section. The remaining roads won’t impact your insurance in this way.