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Maui Bee Farm Tour: Explore the World of Honeybees With Expert Beekeepers
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If you are in Maui and are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, check out Maui Bee Farm Tour, a nature-inspired, educational experience all about the life of a honey bee. Maui Bee Farm is a beautiful piece of land located near the historic Lahaina Town, Launiupoko, Enjoy an up close and personal tour with an expert beekeeper, enjoy a honey tasting and shop at the Lahaina Co. gift shop.

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What’s the buzz all about? It’s the Maui Bee Farm Tour, a nature-inspired, educational experience all about the life of a honey bee. If you are in Maui and are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, check this place out. Maui Bee Farm is a beautiful piece of land located a few minutes from historic Lahaina Town, Launiupoko, and is right in the sight of the West Maui Mountain slopes. Not only is the drive picturesque, but once you arrive at the bee farm, you will also enjoy unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean and nearby islands. But it’s what you’ll learn here that is the bee’s knees.

First, a short history to help you understand how this fascinating place started. The owner, Eldon the Beekeeper, as he refers to himself, tells the story of how he fell in love with honeybees. It was kind of like love at first sight! He explains that he found a honey bee hive lying on the ground that had been knocked out of a tree due to some area excavation. He remembers the bees buzzing around, “like crazy.” Thousands were coming out of the hive and honeycomb. With a bit of effort, intuition, and a whole lot of bee stings later, he helped the bees return to their home. He was instantly hooked and went on a mission to learn more.

He began researching everything he could on the subject. Next, he started a business removing bee hives from homes, and businesses and used them to start his very own apiary.  An apiary is a plot of land where bee hives are kept. This then led to wanting to share everything he knew with everyone and opened Maui Bee Farm and Lahaina Honey Co. This is where you come in.

Everyone, every age from five to 99 will learn something new about bees. Note that children under the age of 5, cannot attend the tour. This 1.5-hour guided tour with an experienced beekeeper includes popping on a special bee suit and gloves (picture worthy indeed) and exploring the internal workings of hives while learning what these busy, amazing creatures do. You’ll learn about how a bee smoker calms the bees, what jobs they have while inside the hive, why the hive is a hexagon shape, and other intriguing things. Did you know that bees make hexagons in their hives that fit together perfectly together just like a puzzle? One of the things you will learn is that a hexagon is a perfect shape to hold the queen bee’s eggs and store the pollen and honey that the worker bees carry into the hive. Talk about a unique, up close, and personal look! The reviews are exceptional. “Who knew bees were so clever?” The tour was fun and informative and the staff was top ranking!” “A wealth of information! Eldon is awesome!” ”Highly recommended!” 

After your tour, enjoy a honey tasting in a bee hive-inspired hexagon-shaped free-air gazebo that overlooks the panoramic Pacific Ocean views. The decadent raw unfiltered honey is made right on site by the local honeybees. This is a perfect ending to a perfect experience! Pair fresh from the hive honey with locally sourced delicious cheeses and crackers. If you enjoy what you taste, visit the Lahaina Co. gift shop and explore honey products, gift ideas, and souvenirs. The friendly Maui Bee Farm team will ship your order anywhere in the United States. Now that’s what we call as sweet as honey.

Insider Tip:
Maui Bee Farm tours require reservations and are limited to 14 guests for each tour. Tickets for children between 5 and 10 are $10 less than adult tickets. Follow them on Facebook and subscribe to their newsletter for additional information and updates.