Maui Animal Farm

Maui's Favorite Petting Zoo: Maui Animal Farm
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Maui Animal Farm is passionate about educating the public about animals and their importance in history, culture, and agricultural Hawaii through an interactive farm tour experience. This guest experience is well rated and is an alternative to typical beach activities, while still providing unmatched views of the surrounding ocean waters and breathtaking mountains. 

- The Local Expert Team

Maui Animal Farm is located in the hills of West Maui in Launiupoko which is situated among cloud-misted mountains, sparkling oceans, and rainbow skies. This setting creates an ideal outdoor environment for the whole family to make lifelong members by enjoying Maui Animal Farm’s award-winning petting zoo experience. 

At Maui Animal Farm, guests of all ages will enjoy interactive and educational experiences with all resident farm animals. This includes guinea pigs, bunnies, goats, horses, parakeets, chickens, ducks, turkeys, a ram, tortoises, a Kunu Kune pig, and a donkey. Reservations are required for all tours, no matter the size as there are no walk-in tours available. 

The suggested duration of any tour experience on the property is between one and two hours. Discounts will be offered for guests who are under 13 and children two years of age and under will be given free entrance. Guests claim a visit to the farm is a great way to break up the typical vacation activities involving the beach, ocean, and pool. The experienced and knowledgeable staff at Maui Animal Farm ensure that all farm visitors leave knowing more about the various animals and the important roles they play than they did coming in. 

The general Petting Zoo Tour is a good option for small parties or those who don’t mind touring with others they don’t know. This tour includes an opportunity for guests to hold the cuddly bunnies and guinea pigs on pillows on their laps. They can also brush and pet the baby Nigerian Dwarf goats named Ben & Jerry and learn about resident parakeets Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Moe. 

Next up, guests on the farm tour will be able to pet and feed the miniature horses named Rebel & Kisses, Baby Doll, and the miniature donkey named Elsia Me. The ram and sheep part of the tour includes a look at Ramses the resident ram. Guests will also learn the difference between sheep and goats and get to feed them. 

Tours will also include a chicken coop stop where guests can meet and feed the chickens and learn interesting facts about roosters, chickens, and their eggs. Guests will even get to see different colors and sizes of eggs. The duck stage comes up next where they can meet the Maui Animal Farm Muscovy Duck, named Duck Vader along with his friend Ringo Star. Watch them waddle and feed them!

Finish up the tour by meeting and feeding the Kune Kune Pig Hauoli. Guests can even help give the pig a bath with a hose. Don’t forget about the rare red-footed tortoise’s Hunk, Louie, and Yoshi or the Sulcata Desert tortoises named Elis, Mrs. T., Torit, and Honu. Last but certainly not least, visit Tonka the 140lb tortoise. 

The Private Petting Zoo Tour is another option to enjoy the farm and gives you the ability to tour on your own. It is designed for large parties. You can opt for this instead if your party is large enough. The itinerary as far as the experience goes, petting, feeding, and observing are pretty similar for both tours. 

In addition to tours, Maui Animal Farm also offers birthday parties. The standard price includes 16 guests, but at least 16 more guests can be added to the booking page. This private birthday party, in addition to the standard tour itinerary, includes the use of the open-air barn or picnic tables, which feature panoramic views of the ocean and mountains.  

The overarching mission of Maui Animal Farm is to have guests arrive as strangers but leave as friends. They also want to make guests smile and create one of the most memorable family experiences that will be forever cherished, along with the photos that are taken throughout the tour.

Insider Tips:
-Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable, closed-toe footwear for their tour of Maui Animal Farm. 
-There is a beehive on the property, so any guests with allergies to bees should let Maui Animal Farm know before their visit. 
-There is a 100% refund policy if canceled less than 24 hours prior to the reservation date. After this time, “no-shows will be charged. Guests can opt to reschedule for alternate days for no additional charge.