Kiteboarding School Maui

Kiteboarding School Maui - All-Inclusive Lessons With Excellent Instructors
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4 / 5
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Kiteboarding School Maui is everything you want in a kiteboarding school. They're fun and professional, they have exceptional instructors that consistently earn 5-star reviews, and their equipment is among the latest and the best on the market. Whether you're an experienced kiteboarder or just want to give it a try, KSM is a great option--and an unbeatable way to spend a few hours in Maui. 

- The Local Expert Team

If you’ve been thinking about learning to kiteboard, maybe now is your time. Maui has great waters for kiting, along with some excellent kiteboarding schools. Kiteboarding School Maui has a reputation for being the best. 

The sport of kiteboarding tends to have a rather steep learning curve. But with a few days of lessons and a little luck, you’ll be up and flying, experiencing Maui’s crystal-blue waves in a way most visitors never even dream of. 

Kiteboarding School Maui has a team of talented professionals who love sharing their passion for the sport. If you’re in decent physical shape and consider yourself a strong swimmer, you can learn to kiteboard. And the instructors here have a knack for helping you feel comfortable in the water, whether or not you have previous surfing, kiteboarding, or kiting experience.

Some of their most popular packages include: 

The Discovery
Spend an hour and a half getting an idea of whether kiteboarding is right for you. During this time, an instructor will walk you through the basics of kiteboarding and allow you to fly a trainer kite on land. This is the package to grab if you’re not sure whether kiteboarding is going to be up your alley. 

The Private
A three-hour private lesson for kiteboarders at any skill level is the best way to get started or improve at the sport. All equipment is included, and you’ll have an instructor to yourself for the full three hours, making it a great way to get the intensive instruction you need without distractions. Want to bring a friend along? The Bring-A-Friend package includes equipment and instruction for two instead of one. 

The Elite
Really want to learn or improve at kiteboarding while in Maui? The Elite is a three-day package offering intensive instruction that meets you where you’re at and enables you to progress quickly toward your goals. 

The Wing 
Want to learn to wing instead of kiteboarding? Winging is a more accessible option with a less steep learning curve than kiteboarding; opt for a three-hour lesson, and enjoy the rush as you fly over the waves. 

Kiteboarding School Maui has built up a stellar reputation as a next-level kiteboarding school; visitors who have taken kiteboarding lessons all over the world consistently say that their time with KSM was their favorite. The instructors have a knack for explaining challenging concepts in a way that makes sense for each rider.

New, impeccably well-maintained gear ensures that you’re set up for a safe, top-notch experience every time. And radio headsets give you a way to clearly hear comments and instructions from your coach when you’re out on the water. Every lesson includes the use of the equipment you’ll need along with drinking water and dry bags; just bring along snacks, sunscreen, and an adventuresome spirit, and you’ll be set. 

Insider Tips:
-The best kiteboarding months are typically May-October, so if kiteboarding is a highlight of your trip, plan to book during that time frame if possible. 
-If you’re a beginner, try to sign up for morning lessons, when beaches are less crowded and the glare from the sun is less intense.