Keopuolani Regional Park

Keopuolani Regional Park - Multifaceted County Park in the Heart of Central Maui
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4 / 5
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Keopuolani Regional Park is a wonderfully well-maintained county park that boasts a ton of outstanding amenities and attractions. A multi-faceted skate park, leash-free dog park, and a variety of playground areas are just a few of the things visitors to this Central Maui park can enjoy. 

- The Local Expert Team

Keopuolani Regional Park is a massive park — in fact, it is the largest county park in Maui with over 110 acres — located in Central Maui. This is a beautiful park, but it isn’t something designed for or with tourism in mind or other types of sightseeing, but rather for residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors and take part in a number of events and activities hosted by the community and private entities. 

You will find Keopuolani Regional Park in the Central Maui city of Kahului, just across the street from Kahului Bay. The park is located pretty close to the regional airport, making it a good place to go when you have a couple of hours to spare before a flight home. The park’s many amenities also provide a nice de-stressing, kid-friendly environment for other parts of one’s vacation. And if you live in Maui, then you will likewise appreciate all of the exciting events and activities the city puts on at this park, such as annual marathon runs and seasonal things like Halloween trunk-or-treats. Then there is also the entire truckload of park amenities to enjoy every day of the year. 

Some of the most popular park amenities at the Keopuolani Regional Park include:

Keopuolani Skate Park
This skate park is pretty exceptional for a county park. It features a multi-level concrete street course boasting tons of ledges, quarter-pipes, banks, and rails for every level of skater to take advantage of. This includes Hawaii’s largest vert ramp, which clocks in at 11 feet tall and an impressive 40 feet wide. 

Keopuolani Dog Park
When the dog park at the Keopuolani Regional Park first opened its gates in 2013, it did so as the first leash-free dog park on the island. Now, while the island is exceptionally dog-friendly, with many of the county beaches being dog-friendly, that isn’t the same as having a leash-free area for dogs to interact with other dogs, and you will often find locals taking advantage of this area of the park. 

Hui Aloha Playground
Located on the waterfront side of the Keopuolani Regional Park, the Hui Aloha Playground is a fantastic place to take young children. This playground actually consists of several smaller playground areas, each boasting new and improved park equipment that is safe and engaging for kids of all ages. The way these multiple playground areas are set up with shaded seating at the center and around the peripheral makes it easy for parents to keep an eye on the playing children while enjoying a cooler space. If you have kids that remain non-stop even after a busy day exploring Maui, then a visit to Hui Aloha Playground is a must. 

Full picnic and restroom facilities
This park is well-maintained, with service staff onsite most days, multiple times a day. This equates to a beautiful park that always has well-stocked bathrooms and maintained picnic facilities. So if you are looking for a quick spot to enjoy a take-out meal and are in the area, take a breather at the Keopuolani Regional Park. Don’t forget to enjoy the regional park’s many great walking trails afterward! 

Insider Tips:
There are a lot of great attractions that are all within walking distance of Keopuolani Regional Park, so many so that you might find yourself planning several trips to this park just to enjoy both its own amenities and those within a short walk of where you park (there are several parking lots that you can use, each located on different sides of the park).