Honolua Surf Co.

Honolua Surf Co. - Busy Apparel Brand & Clothing Store Located in Lahaina
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4 / 5
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Honolua Surf Co. is a popular Hawaiian apparel brand that takes inspiration from Maui's Honolua Bay. This is a great shop to go to when you want some Hawaii-themed shirts or are in need of specialty swim gear, such as swims trunks with UV-protection built-in. 

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

The Honolua Surf Co. is a popular Hawaiian brand with surf shops located all across the islands. This specific review is for the Honolua Surf Co. located on Front Street in Lahaina on Maui’s west coast.

Maui’s western coastline was actually the source of inspiration for the founding of Honolua Surf Co. This part of Maui is renowned for its fantastic surfing conditions and abundant fishing at Honolua Bay, the bay that the company is named after. 

The Front Street location of Honolua Surf Co. is often busy thanks to it being along a very popular stretch of more tourist and retail shops and restaurants. You will find Kimo’s, a relaxed seafood restaurant, on the business’s left side, and Quicksilver, another fantastic surfing-related retail shop, on its right side.

Honolua Surf Co. started as its own retail brand. In other words, they didn’t just sell surfing products, they made and sold their own surfing gear. This included shirts, shorts, hoodies, and accessories like printed bags. Today, however, you will find a wide array of brands within their shop. This is because in 2004, Billabong, an Australian surfing company, bought out Honolua Surf Co. (both the apparel brand and the nineteen stores that were then established across the islands) and now sells many of their gear and the gear of their other subsidiaries through the retail stores. So if you visited one of the Honolua Surf Co. stores, this one included, pre-2004 and are coming back for another visit for the first time since you will notice a clear difference in the types of clothes and gear carried within. 

One of the first things you will notice about Honolua Surf Co. is just how friendly the staff members are here. When you walk into this shop, you will quickly be greeted by one of the attendants and asked if you need any assistance on finding items. There is such a massive collection of surf clothes and accessories here that it can feel overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for, so most will appreciate this friendly assistance.

Honolua Surf Co. carries a ton of the popular printed t-shirts, with plenty of options for those who like taking home something that says where they have been. But you will also find a lot of more unique surf wear and gear here. For example, they have a large collection of swim shorts with UV protection and specialized swim goggles and similar gear. 

Honolua Surf Co. also operates an active online store. You can buy just about anything from their retail shop online, so if you missed something during your last visit, you don’t have to wait until you fly out to buy! Most orders are shipped within 48 hours, making for fast delivery. Check their website or give their store a call to learn more. 

Insider Tips:
-There isn’t any parking right to Honolua Surf Co., but there are several parking lots nearby. The best choice is the Discount Parking lot located at the very end of Wahie Lane. From here, you will walk about a block west to where the small road inserts with Front Street and Honolua Surf Co. will be just two stores down across the street.  
-Seriously consider grabbing food at Kimo’s Maui. This is a wonderful seafood spot that boats an outdoor patio overlooking the harbor. Their prices are mid-tier affordable, their food fresh and delicious, their decor and location outstanding, and a bar stock with local brews. In other words, very little not to appreciate.