Hawaii Mermaid Adventures

Hawaii Mermaid Adventures – Ocean Swimming With A Whimsical Twist
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If you’ve ever dreamed of being a mermaid, this is your chance. Don a mermaid tail and experience the ocean like a mermaid while learning about mermaid folklore, ocean conservation, and local aquatic wildlife. What a unique way to start a day!

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Who hasn’t dreamt of being a mermaid… or a merman… or a mer-person? If you’re anything like us, the idea of getting to glide through the open water like these mystical, enchanting creatures is something you’ve at least considered, if not obsessed about at one time or another. If that’s the case, we’ve got some good news for you. If you’re on Maui, your mermaid dreams are within reach. Head over to Hawaii Mermaid Adventures on the West Coast, put on a tail, and dive in.

Of course, it’s not that simple. This experience, which takes place at Makena Landing in Kihei, is well thought out and designed to create a safe, fun, and educational experience that guests will remember forever. Although it’s touted as a swimming lesson, this unique outing is much more.

The experience begins first thing in the morning
From April to October, lessons begin at 7:30 AM, and from November to March, they begin at 8:00 AM. The morning starts with an educational safety briefing and a land lesson led by instructors who are lifeguards and CPR certified. Once safety has been addressed, guests can choose their tails. Tails come in three sizes, dependent upon the user’s weight, and are available in a variety of colors.

After everyone in your lesson has chosen and put on a tail, it’s time to take to the water with your mermaid instructor. While swimming, your mermaid teacher will share stories about mermaid legends and folklore from around the world, and throughout history. Each mermaid teacher is also a certified marine naturalist, which means they’re well-versed in aquatic life. They will point out and discuss different animals you may see in the water, such as sea turtles and tropical fish.

The experience is also used as a tool to teach about sustainability and eco-friendly practices. The instructors teach from the perspective of a mermaid; the ocean is their home, and they need all of us to work together to keep it clean and safe. As a certified B-Corp, this organization puts its money where its fins are, committing to sustainable practices, eco-friendly operations, and operational transparency. Children and adults alike can learn simple ways to protect the ocean and its resources.

Throughout the 90-minute experience, your instructor will also take photos of you in action
These are all included in your package, free of charge. While they make it very clear that this isn’t a professional photoshoot, you will receive some fun posed and/or candid shots to take home with you to remember your adventure. If you’d like something additional by which to commemorate your experience, there are also branded hats and t-shirts and a selection of mermaid tails for sale.

Hawaii Mermaid Adventures can accommodate most groups, assuming they have enough tails. However, each instructor can only host a maximum of five swimmers, so it’s possible that your group may be broken down into smaller parties.

Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or going solo, Hawaii Mermaid Adventures offers a unique and memorable way to explore the ocean while learning how to protect it. For mermaid enthusiasts anywhere, it’s not to be missed.

Insider Tips:
-If you’d like a professional photoshoot, the company can recommend a professional photographer and help coordinate a session for an additional cost.
-Mermaid lessons are suitable for children and adults alike. However, swimmers must weigh between 50-220 pounds. There is an alternative “meet and greet” experience offered for those who cannot swim. With this package, a mermaid will swim up to meet your party on the shore. They will pose for photos, answer questions, and share information about mermaids and marine life similar to what is shared during a lesson.
-There is a discount for groups. While individual swimmers will pay full price, parties of two or larger can enjoy a cheaper per person rate for lessons.