Captain Woody’s Maui

Captain Woody's Maui: Personalized Adventures in West Maui
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4 / 5
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Captain Woody's Maui offers private charters for up to six adventurous guests. These expeditions are centered around West Maui, where Captain Woody and his crew can provide access to a variety of hidden gems. Book an excursion and discover a whole new side of West Maui. 

- The Local Expert Team

The adventure never ends in West Maui, which boasts gorgeous beaches and even better sunsets. If you’d like to see the coast from a new perspective, book a charter with Captain Woody’s. Offering personalized day trips, this local favorite is committed to making your Maui exploits as safe and entertaining as possible. With nearly three decades of experience, Captain Woody knows exactly what it takes to make vacationers smile.

Captain Woody Woodward has always been obsessed with the ocean. He traveled the world but eventually set down roots in Maui in the early 90s, forming West Maui’s very first charter company. His crew is just as knowledgeable and just as committed to creating a fun day out for adventurous vacationers. He is US Coast Guard licensed and insured. 

With a maximum of six guests per charter, the Captain Woody’s experience is always private. This is what sets Captain Woody’s apart: no crowds or dealing with activities you find undesirable. What’s more, there is no nickel and diming — a single trip fee should cover all attendees and all activities for the day. 

Trips conveniently begin at the Mala Warf, near the heart of Lahaina. Depending on guest preferences, these expeditions may involve whale watching, snorkeling, fishing, or other water-based adventures. Most private charters also incorporate lunch and drinks, so you don’t need to be distracted by a grumbling stomach. A private restroom is conveniently available on board, thereby alleviating a common source of concern.

The stories are often as enjoyable as the West Maui exploration. You’ll learn all about the marine life, Maui’s culture, and Captain Woody’s many adventures both near and far. By the time your charter ends, you’ll feel as if you’ve made a new friend. Yes, you’ll look back fondly on all your photos, but the thought of pleasant conversations and endless laughs will truly make you smile.

Booking a trip is easy: simply call Woody’s to discuss your plans. You’ll have the opportunity to explain which types of adventures you find most intriguing — and which you’d rather avoid. The experts at Captain Woody’s will provide in-depth insight to ensure that, together, you select the perfect outing for your group. 

There’s no experience quite like exploring West Maui with Captain Woody’s. Book your charter and discover the sights and sounds of Maui from a whole new perspective.

Insider Tips:
-Because the Captain Woody’s experience is so curated — and because the company and crew are small — it’s important to book well in advance. When in doubt, plan your Captain Woody’s adventure at least a month before your arrival to ensure that the best days and times are available. 
-If you have any concerns whatsoever, let them be known. The main benefit of a personalized charter is that it can easily be adjusted based on any worries you might bring up. You’ll be impressed by the alternatives the crew is able to offer if you run into any limitations or personal obstacles. 
-Postponing may be possible in the event of less-than-desirable weather, although many guests have continued in spite of rainy conditions. Should the forecast appear worrisome, Captain Woody or his crew will be in touch to discuss plans.