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Bike Maui - Tour Outfit Offering Thrilling Rides Down Haleakala
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4 / 5
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Bike Maui is the primary bike tour outfitter for Haleakala National Park and as such, the go-to tour guide for those wanting to enjoy a sunrise on a volcano's summit paired with an exciting ride down its slopes. 

- The Local Expert Team

Are you looking to do something a bit more active on your upcoming Hawaiian vacation than lounging in the sun? Not that lounging in the sun isn’t a fantastic pursuit, but sometimes there’s that itch to do a bit more, to go a bit further. One way to scratch that itch is via a bike tour. One way to get a downright thrilling, adventurous bike tour is to opt for one offered by Bike Maui.

Bike Maui is a tour outfit that has been offering bicycle-styled tours and rentals on the island of Maui since 1995. Their primary location is found in Haiku Market in North Central Maui, but they offer bike tours all over the island. You also generally won’t have to go to this home base location. That’s because with almost all the tours Bike Maui offers, they will come to pick you and your party up via van and set you up at one of their locations. They travel both to cruise docks and most of the named resorts and popular vacation home rental areas (but triple check when booking that they can and will pick you up at your specific location for certain). If you are renting bikes, however, you will need to go to their Haiku location where they will have the bikes ready as well as a bike rack that will securely and safely fit over any rental vehicle you might have. 

Now, it is important to note that while Bike Maui rents bikes, they don’t rent just any bikes. Bike Maui, at this time, only rents mountain bikes and while you can take these bikes in other designated areas when you opt for a rental, this tour outfit is most renowned for being the primary outfitter for Haleakala National Park bike tours and downhill biking.

So with Haleakala at the forefront of Bike Maui’s offerings, here are the best couple of bike tours you can choose via them:

Cruiser Phil’s Sunrise Tour
This bike tour is probably only going to be worth it for the real morning bird. That’s because in order to arrive at the summit of Haleakala with the bikes ready to go, you are going to be typically looking at a 3 am shuttle pick-up time, unless you’re staying real close to the inert volcano (you can also opt to meet at their base location in lieu of the pick-up shuttle). But for those who chase stellar sunrises, the pre-rooster wake-up call is worth it. The sunrise at the summit of Haleakala is truly something else and not only will you get to pause and enjoy those first rays as the sun peaks up, you’ll get to ride down the mountain in the midst of those gorgeous dawn hours. 

Cruiser Phil’s Guided Express Tour 
With a check-in time at 9:30, this downhill bike tour, most will find this one a bit more amiable to the average sleep schedule. The Guided Express Tour likewise starts at the summit of Haleakala National Park but takes riders on a more leisurely trek down the slopes and switchbacks of the mountain. This ride covers 23 miles and is a great choice for those looking to enjoy the Upcountry beauty of Maui from an alternative point of view. 

It is important to note that Bike Maui is not a bike tour outfitter for everyone. The switchbacks and steep slopes of Haleakala make the downhill conditions fairly dangerous even in good weather, let alone if you happen to ride on a day it rains (and they will keep reservations during light rainfall). Through this, you will also contend with sharing the road with locals as well as visiting drivers who may likewise not be familiar with how the road twists and climbs. Do not take sign up for this tour if you or anyone in your party is not familiar with riding bikes in general, and, in specific, lacks experience riding bikes down steep hills. 

The good news is there is a whole host of other safer bike tours and bike rental areas around the island for those who want to go by two wheels, but in a less intense location. 

Insider Tip:
Make sure to bring snacks and drinks. As of this writing, this tour guide does not offer any refreshments during what is a long day’s adventure. They will, however, stop at a couple of towns, but it is a good idea to pack your own snacks in any case.