Top 5 Maui Boat Tours You’ll Want to Experience

When visiting a tropical island, you’ll want to find unique and different activities to truly soak in the island experience. Maui is full of shops, restaurants, and beaches that you can enjoy — but what if you are looking for an experience to catch some wildlife views and so much more? Head out onto the water and take in the views, these 5 Maui boat excursions will leave you reeling with excitement from the ocean views!

Check out these top 5 Maui boat tours:

Trilogy Excursions

With several different tours to choose from, you’ll never run out of things to see on Trilogy Excursions. There are sunset sails, snorkel opportunities, and all the wildlife viewing you could imagine. With open-air seating with cocktails and eats, you’ll find yourself completely enamored with the open water before you. A sunset sail lasts for about two hours, with apps like bbq chicken skewers and seasonal desserts. The Kaanapali excursion lasts for roughly 5 hours with snorkeling opportunities and showers! Every opportunity is truly unique and different from the last.

Blue Water Maui Charters

Photo Credit by @futble22 on Instagram

Head to your next Maui adventure tour with Blue Water Maui Charters. With VIP tours, Whale tours, and opportunities to “drift snorkel” — you won’t regret booking an exploration with this charter. Tours range here from 2 hours to 6 hours, so keep that in mind whenever you book an experience with this charter. Other than that, food is provided as well as a scuba diving instructor to help guide you through your beginning scuba lesson! You’ll notice that plenty of online reviews rave about this boating journey, and you’ll find out why!

Four Winds Molokini Maui Snorkel Tour

Journey to the famous Molokini Crater and catch some unbelievable snorkeling sights that you just cannot get anywhere else. Swim between the coral gardens and dive into knowledge as you learn about the underwater of the ocean. Interested in seeing some more wildlife? There are plenty of sea turtles to spot as well as some occasional whale watching. The Four Winds tours roughly take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours, leaving much time to enjoy the day out in the waters. Have kids? The Four Winds boat excursions also offer a glass-bottom room that leaves space to see even more fish at the bottom of the boat!

Sea Maui

sea maui boat in ocean

Snorkeling tours, whale watching, and sunset sails — oh yes! It might take two hours or it might take up half your day, but – either way – you’re going to see some truly incredible views above the water and underneath it. There’s also a cruise where you can enjoy live music while the sun sets on the water. Have dinner and look at the colors that fill the sky, or go for an adventure and try to spot a whale or two! Sea Maui is a definite yes in the fun book.

Calypso Maui

An afternoon snorkel tour is offered at Calypso! Not interested in an afternoon tour? No worries! They also have regular tours as well. Spend time exploring the coral gardens at the Molokini reefs or take your camera and deep dive into the waters to explore the tropical fish of Maui. What’s great about this experience as well is that it is extremely budget-friendly! No need to pay hundreds of dollars, but only 70 for adults and 45 for children! Fill up on a dinner cruise and watch the sunset or simply dive and get your snorkel gear ready for some adventure fun.

If you’re not sure about the best tours to enjoy while you’re in Maui, no need to worry! Any of these tours will offer you a lifetime full of fun and memories, as well as pictures to look back on. Whale watch, scuba dive, and watch the sunset. Fill up on all of the tropical drinks and enjoy a delicious dinner. You won’t regret taking this tour opportunity while in Maui.