8 Great Family Swimming Spots in Maui

You’re visiting the Hawaiian Islands, and what could be more special than spending time together as a family? While you’re visiting Maui, there are many activities to enjoy as a family — from the aquarium to farms to ziplining. Luckily, Maui also has plenty of swimming opportunities as well that are extremely family-friendly! Hop on in, explore the underwater tropics, and spend quality time with your loved ones. When it comes to great swimming in Maui, where should you all go together?

Check out these 8 family-friendly swimming spots on the island:

O’heo Gulch

Oheo Gulch Waterfall

O’heo Gulch, hugely known for the Seven Sacred Pools, is located off the Hana Highway and boasts great memories with the family. Mark off a few hours to spend here, for you’ll want all the time you can get. Multi-step tiered waterfalls greet you all with open arms, dropping off into little pools that you can hop into. These pools are safe and a popular tourist attraction, bringing people from all over to witness these wonders. Hike along the pathways of the O’heo Gulch and catch a glimpse of Maui’s natural beauty.

Ching’s Pond

Photo Credit by @maxiom731 on Instagram

Ching’s Pond is also known as Blue Sapphire Pools and is also located off of the Hana Highway. Beneath the bridge that crosses the Palauhulu stream is a series of sapphire pools not easily spotted off the highway. A local spot, somewhat away from the tourist crowds, this swimming hole is great for a quick swim with the family.

Olivine Pools

Photo Credit by @igoninad on Instagram

Located in West Maui, Olivine Pools are surrounded by lava and make for an interesting swim with the family. Frolic among the tidepools and play around on the landscape surrounding it. These pools are definitely fun for everyone. The only downside is — it can get dangerous here at times (especially when the waves are hitting aggressively.) Take caution and make sure that everyone is accounted for during the entirety of the stay. Also, make sure that everyone is wearing tennis shoes for the hike there tends to be a little jagged.

Baby Beach (Lahaina)

Turtle sleeping on the beach at Baby Beach in Paia

Protected by a stretch of reef, this Baby Beach in Lahaina offers the perfect swimming for young children! The waters stay relatively shallow and calm, offering the ideal play for those toddlers and worried parents. This beach also offers up some of the best views of the other islands and ocean. Baby Beach should be your go-to any time you’re with family. There are also restroom facilities and showers for those who need a quick rinse after playing in the water.

Kapalua Bay

Kapalua Bay truly offers a little something for everyone. Sunset views, contrast of lava rocks meeting the ocean, and golden sand. Get some shade, grab your snorkel gear and head out for a swim! This beach is swim-friendly with lifeguards on duty to help protect you. Plenty of fish are underneath these waters, so feel free to go exploring with your little ones underneath the water. Try to spot some turtles at this small beach if you can, the sea life is abundantly pleasant.

Ulua Beach

A beach perfect for snorkeling, Ulua Beach is the beach you’ll want to go to for underwater exploration and boogie boarding adventure. There are showers, bathrooms, and parking — with a less crowded atmosphere. The waves at this beach are extremely peaceful, making it a great swimming location for families. Ulua Beach also has plenty of opportunities to watch a sunset, so bring a chair or two and enjoy the sun illuminating the sky.

Kamaole Beach III

Sandy beaches with incredible views, Kamaole is a set of popular beaches in Maui — Kamaole Beach III being the most popular. A boogie-boarding wonderland, Kamaole Beach III is full of water play like swimming and snorkeling as well as grassy areas nearby for land play. Plenty of facilities are nearby, so don’t feel rushed during your visit to this beach. Kids don’t feel like being in the water? There is also a playground that they can play at as well!

Maluaka Beach

Sunset and palm trees on Maluaka Beach

In the mood for even more snorkeling experiences? Maluaka Beach is supposed to have some of the best snorkeling around the island. Relax along the sands of this uncrowded beach as you try to spot some sea turtles. With easy access to the waters, wide-open space, and plenty of facilities — Maluaka Beach is the perfect blend of everything you didn’t know you needed.

Put on your water shoes, grab your goggles, and head on over to any of these family-friendly swimming spots! Whether it’s a beach or a swimming hole, you are bound to feel refreshed after a visit to any of these. Always use precaution when swimming in places you don’t know as well, for water conditions might vary during certain times of the year. Be safe and enjoy this time with your loved ones.