9 Most Popular Fishing Charters in Maui

Surrounded by glimmering ocean waters, Maui offers endless opportunities to add even more big fish tales to your life. It’s easy to track down all the best fish in record time, too. You just have to sign up for a fishing charter to go on a whirlwind adventure of a lifetime. Your captain will take you to all the top spots for fishing, improving your chances of bringing back ample fish to share with your travel mates. If that sounds like just what you need in your life, reach out to any of these top nine fishing charters in Maui.

Maui Fun Charters

At Maui Fun Charters, they offer small group fishing extravaganzas for all ages. Each trip departs from the Maalaea Harbor, allowing you to conveniently hop aboard their fishing vessel in between your Kihei adventures. All their trips jet out bright and early in the morning, so you can find the fish when they’re biting. You’ll get to bottom fish for four hours in hopes of bringing back the top fish around the island, including Blueline Snapper, Amberjack, and Hawaiian Hogfish.

Rascal Charters

Rascal Charters offers deep sea fishing adventures good enough to write home about. Upon signing up for a spot, you’ll just need to meet the captain at the Maalea Harbor for four to six hours of fishing fun. Alongside up to five other passengers, you’ll head out in search of four main game fish: Mahi Mahi, Ono, Marlin, and Ahi. When you need a breather, you can rest in the air-conditioned cabin before returning to the shaded back deck for another go.  

Captain Woody’s

At Captain Woody’s, they put you in charge of planning a fun day out on the water. On their private charters, you get to decide if you want to go snorkeling, whale watching, fishing, sightseeing, and so much more. When you want to go fishing, they’re happy to oblige and set up their boat with all the gear you need. Up to six people can join you on the adventure, making it easy to bring in ample fish for all to enjoy. All charters depart from the Mala Boat Ramp, so you can work this trip into your day with ease.

Finest Kind Sportfishing Maui

Do you want to go on the hunt for big game fish, like record-breaking Pacific Blue Marlins? Just sign up for a trip with Finest Kind Sportfishing. Based at the Lahaina Harbor, they have shared and private charters taking up to six passengers out to sea nearly every day. You just have to let them know how many hours you’d like to spend on the water, and they’ll handle the rest. With 40 years of experience under his belt, Captain Dave Hudson knows just where the fish are biting, so you’ll have the best chance at landing the big one.

Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures

For a wild day filled with spearfishing fun, you cannot go wrong with a trip with Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures. Available for people ages 10 and up, this trip teaches you how to nab fish with a spear alone. You’ll meet your instructor at Olowalu or DT Fleming Beach Park, and then spend about three hours in the water. All along the way, you’ll seek out invasive fish to remove from the ecosystem plus tasty fish to enjoy after your trip. Upon returning to shore, the crew will help you prep your edible fish for the road and then take the invasive species to use as fertilizer.

Top Shot Spearfishing

At Top Shot Spearfishing, they have all the gear and instruction you need to go on exciting spearfishing adventures. Their excursions depart from the Lahaina coastline, allowing you to move at your own pace. They provide instructions on how to use the speargun, the best ways to move through the water, and the top hunting theories. You’ll largely look for Roi and other invasive fish in an effort to remove them from the system and save the reef fish they target. Depending on what you bring in, you’ll get tasty fish, like Grey Snapper, to eat later and others to donate to local farmers for use as fertilizer for their crops.

Luckey Strike Sport Fishing

Whether you want to fish for small or big game, Luckey Strike Sport Fishing has your back. They offer all the top oceanside adventures, including drifting, lure trolling, and live bait fishing. You can even go bottom fishing for record-breaking catches, like Giant Blue Marlin, Barracuda, and Giant Trevally. All their charters jet out from Lahaina Harbor and stay on the water for up to eight hours. They only offer private charters at this time, so be sure to bring up to five of your friends and family to join in on the fun.

Aloha Blue Charters

Aloha Blue Charters offers all the bottom fishing trips you need to bulk up your big fish stories. On their trip, you’ll depart from the Maalaea Harbor alongside up to 13 other anglers for a half to full day of fishing. They offer morning and afternoon departure times, too, so you can easily work the charters into your itinerary. Depending on what’s biting that day, you’re bound to come back with huge Mahi Mahi, Amberjack, and everything in between.

Die Hard Sport Fishing

Deep sea fishing adventures are the name of the game at Die Hard Sport Fishing. You just have to reserve your spot and then meet the crew at the Lahaina Harbor on the day of your trip. After that, you’ll travel around to all the top spots for fishing around Maui for four to eight hours total. Depending on when you go out, you may reel in Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, and many other magnificent fish species.

Each fishing charter operator decides how they will break up the catches amongst their guests. Most divvy up the fish evenly to ensure everyone gets a taste of what’s biting that day. They will clean and fillet each fish to create convenient, ready-to-use packages for their guests. Oftentimes, the crew gets a few fillets each as well as further compensation for a job well done.