10 Hikes You Absolutely Must Try in Maui

There’s something unique and utterly incredible about hiking in Hawaii. Some are challenging, others simple — but they always include jaw-dropping views that you could not explain if you tried. If you’re on the island of Maui, expect these words to ring true. Maui is known for it’s lush green valleys and, within each trail, you get to see why hiking here is so rewarding. While on Maui, don’t hesitate to try any of these 10 hikes and be smitten with the island and its radiating beauty.

Check out these stunning hikes that you cannot miss while visiting Maui:

Iao Needle Lookout Trail

One of Maui’s greatest treasures, the Iao Needle Lookout Trail is something to be admired. The Iao Needle is a 1,200 foot spiral that’s certainly visible from any clearing in the valley, and the roughly .6 mile trail will lead you to world-famous scenery that pictures can’t quite to justice. This is an easy trail, although at times a little wet. View the wildflowers growing along the path along the way and try to go down to the river for a quick swim.

Nakalele Blowhole Trail

man standing and taking picture of nakalele blowhole

Although a little rocky, the Nakalele Blowhole Trail is a 1.2-mile trail with an elevation gain of 308 feet rewarding you with a rare and magnificent sight of a… blowhole! Many people hike this trail for nature walks, bird watching, and to view the wonderous wildflowers that grow on this path. Be careful near the blowhole and make to not get too close as it could be quite dangerous.

Twin Falls Trail

One of the most popular hikes, Twin Falls is 1.8 miles of pure magic. One important thing to note about this trail, however, is that it is often closed due to frequent flooding. Also, because of its popularity, the parking fills up quickly so it is vital to get there early in order to receive a spot. You can also swim in the pool below, but the water is known to be quite cold as well. All in all, a wonderful opportunity to spot some waterfalls in Maui.

Waihe’e Ridge Trail

4 miles of valley views, Waihee Ridge Trail is a sight that must be seen. With an elevation gain of over 1,500 feet, every direction you look is full of incredible views. You can see the ocean, Makamakaole Falls, and rainforest from the top of this trail. Another perk of this trail is not only the sights, but you can also bring your dog on this trail as long as they are on a leash. This trail is also ranked as moderate — due to its often slippery and muddy pathways as well as rocky terrain.

Waimoku Falls via Pipiwai Trail

3.8 miles of incredible beauty awaits with the Pipiwai Trail. With an elevation gain of 908 feet, you’ll find yourself transcended at the end as you meet the 400 foot Waimoku Falls. Head through jungled canopies and mini waterfalls throughout your journey. You’ll get a chance to spot the Seven Sacred Pools here as well. Although this trail might be difficult if wet, it is a fairly easy hike for all skill levels. Definitely worth the visit if not only to see one of the top 10 waterfalls of Hawaii.

Keonehe’ehe’e Trail/Sliding Sands Trail

This challenging 11-mile trail is worth every step. Sliding Sands Trail, also known as Keonehe’ehe’e Trail, is only for very experienced hikers. Pack water and stay hydrated because this trail is extremely steep and there is no shade on the way. If it just rained, expect this trail to be muddy and slippery. That being said, the trail is worth every second. There are views of some of the most beautiful wildflowers as well as some mesmerizing clouds surrounding the mountains that make this hike seem otherworldly.

Hosmer Grove Loop Trail

Located in the Halakeala National Park, you’ll find yourself walking the .6 mile trail called the Hosmer Grove Loop Trail. Take note of the famous sandalwood trees and birds as you walk through and admire the surrounding view of nature. This trail is full of science and history as you learn about Hosmer and the several trees that he planted in his time that were “out of their element.”

Seven Sacred Pools Trail/’Ohe’o Gulch Trail

The infamous Seven Sacred Pools, also known as the Oheo Gulch, offers a wonderful hiking experience in Maui. The Seven Sacred Pools Trail is a .6 mile loop trail located near Hana. This trail is great for a serene walk, bird watching, or simply taking in the surrounding beauty of nature. Although you may not be able to swim in the pools, being able to view them with such a short hike makes each step more magical than the last.

Kapalua Coastal Trail

Kapalua Coastal Trail is an easy 1.76 miles hike with an elevation gain of 209 feet! Walk along the waters and catch scenic views of the ocean hitting the shoreline while you walk along this short trail. Good for all skill levels, feel free to go for a morning jog before you hit the beach or your favorite brunch spot. Some people even favor a good cliff diving opportunity at the end — just take caution and be careful where you jump and notice the conditions of the water.

Lahaina Pali Trail

This 4.4-mile trail features some of the best flower viewing opportunities on the island, which might be why it gets so busy at times. With an elevation gain of 1,604 feet, and is rated as moderate to difficult (mostly because of the loose gravel that you have to travel on to get to the top as well as the wind that comes through this area.) Be prepared to climb over large rocks as you make your way to the top, Lahaina Pali Trail offers some of the best ocean views in Maui.

Honorable Mention:

Makamakaole Stream

Photo Credit by @madelinecanning on Instagram

This moderately challenging hike of .5 miles will bring you to a streaming waterfall oasis. Known for some steepness, take caution for those beginner hikers. This trail truly is a gorgeous trail, and if you can make it to the bottom of the falls, it’s most definitely worth the serene view.

Whether you see a waterfall or miles of mountains, you will love each second of finding the right hike for you while in Maui. Never forget that sometimes the most challenging ones are the most special, and it is always worth the hike. Put on your hiking gear and go to work to see some of the most memorable sights you’ll ever see.