Baldwin Beach Park

Baldwin Beach Park – Top Spot in North Shore for Boogie Boarding, Kite Surfing, and More
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4.5 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Want to enjoy the best conditions for boogie boarding, kite surfing, and other water sports? Set your sights on Baldwin Beach Park in North Shore Maui. Parties in the pavilion, long walks on the sand, and turtle-watching adventures are also always on tap as well. 

- The Local Expert Team

With its large shore break and strong winds, Baldwin Beach Park serves as a top North Shore Maui destination for boogie boarding, kite surfing, and other fun water sports. The wind starts mild in the morning, and then picks up as the day goes on, bringing more and more people around for beachside adventures. Beyond that, the intensity of the waves hits a fever pitch in the winter, which increases the challenge for avid wind, body, and kite surfers.

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, you’re sure to enjoy walking along the pristine white sands. As you stroll along, the breathtaking views of the open water promise to keep you enamored, as will all the people enjoying water sports on the waves. You can even see sea turtles basking on the sand and flitting about in the water as you walk along.

To arrive at Baldwin Beach Park, you’ll want to head down to the end of Alawai Road to the parking area. From there, you’ll see the big beach pavilion that’s perfect for parties, plus the restroom area complete with an open-air shower. The sports field on the other side often attracts fun pickup games of soccer, softball, and cricket, although most people spend their time on the sandy shores.

Baldwin Beach Park puts you at the center of the beach where the lifeguards chill in their stand. Travel to the west and you’ll reach Baby Beach where the little ones swim to their heart’s content. Head over to the east to find Baldwin Cove for calm waters that’re also well-suited for swimming. If you go even further, you’ll reach Paia Secret Beach, where clothing is definitely optional.  

Top activities at Baldwin Beach Park to enjoy include:

Go Boogie Boarding and Body Surfing
In the summer months, the relatively rough waters call experienced boogie boarders and body surfers to the shores. Beginners should definitely practice elsewhere before trying out their skills at this beach. In the winter, everyone is best off heading to the South Shore beaches instead.  

Try Wind and Kite Surfing
With its brisk winds, Baldwin Beach Park serves as a top spot for wind and kite surfing galore. As the wind allows you to get going at a fast clip, the waves give you a chance to try out fun tricks. The afternoon to evening hours get the highest wind speeds, especially in the winter months.

Have a Party at the Pavilion
When you want to have a party on Baldwin Beach Park, you can always jet over to see if there is room in the pavilion. Although you cannot make reservations, the covered space is plenty big enough to share with other beachgoers. You have 18 tables, a kitchenette with running water, and three barbecue grills to enjoy, allowing everyone to kick off their celebrations in style.

As you walk the shores and play in the surf, you’re bound to come across plenty of sea turtles at Baldwin Beach Park. For your and their safety, be sure to keep about 10 feet away at all times. While in the water, this can prove quite challenging, but you’ll just want to steadily create distance as you notice the turtles nearby. In addition, as a show of respect for the turtles and the beach itself, plan to pack out whatever you bring to the beach.

Insider Tips:
-Since there are no beach equipment rental places nearby, you’ll want to bring all your own umbrellas, chairs, and other gear.
-There’s also extra public parking: here.
-When you’re done enjoying the sand and water at Baldwin Beach Park, keep your skin feeling its best by stepping in the shower near the restrooms. Since there’s only one shower, prepare for a bit of a wait during the busiest hours.
-The pavilion features 110-volt outlets if need to plug in kitchen equipment, air pumps, or anything else. There’s no need to bring lighting, however, as the space already has overhead lights.
-Big swells bring in lots of seashells but remember not to take anything off the beach when you leave. You’re definitely welcome to make a mandala instead.