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Experience Cacao Bliss at Wild Chocolate Kauai
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Discover the art and science of chocolate-making at Wild Kauai Chocolate, where your favorite indulgence comes to life. The store is a great source of gifts and snacks, but you'll be in chocolate heaven if you participate in a tasting, workshop, or multi-day retreat.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Hawaii is a true paradise for chocolate lovers. After all, it’s the only place in all of North America in which cacao can be farmed with consistent success. As such, chocolate-oriented experiences deserve a spot in any chocoholic’s Hawaiian itinerary. 

Big Island chocolate may receive the most praise, but products from Kauai are also impressive. You’ll discover this for yourself when visiting Wild Kauai Chocolate, which is one of the island’s most popular chocolate destinations.

The benefits of visiting Wild Kauai Chocolate are easily summed up in the company’s motto: it’s not just chocolate, it’s an experience. This is where you go to see chocolate in a whole new light. Whether your visit is casual or in-depth, you’ll learn a lot about the important role chocolate plays in Hawaiian culture, as well as the amazing health benefits this indulgence can provide.

While you can have a wonderful time by simply checking out the Wild Kauai Chocolate store, a richer experience is possible if you dedicate a few hours to your visit. This can take many forms; a few of our favorite chocolate-oriented experiences include the following:

Chocolate Tasting
As the most casual chocolate experience offered by Wild Kauai, this tasting gives you a greater appreciation for the complex flavors that a hand-crafted chocolate bar can contain.

Samples are available between noon and 3 pm on most weekdays. You’ll have the opportunity to taste not only exquisite chocolate bars but also, a unique chocolate tea that you won’t find elsewhere. 

Build a Bar Workshop
Learn the secrets behind Wild Kauai’s small-batch chocolate bars during this comprehensive class. A unique bean-to-bar approach ensures that you gain a full understanding of all that goes into producing the world’s best chocolate bars. You’ll learn about bean sorting, roasting, grinding, and tempering.

Along the way, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for taste testing. Most importantly, you’ll produce two chocolate bars, which you’re welcome to bring home as a gift or a personal treat. The workshop lasts under two hours and is easy to fit into a busy day of Hawaiian adventures.

Chocolate School
If you are truly committed to learning about chocolate, you’re the perfect candidate for Wild Kauai’s in-depth experience. This goes above and beyond the discoveries of the Build a Bar Workshop, requiring a commitment of four full days.

This is definitely not an option for casual tourists, but may be worth exploring if you’re passionate about chocolate and plan on spending several weeks in Hawaii. More often, however, this experience is sought after by culinary or confectionary professionals who want more insight into chocolate-making.

During this four-day experience, you’ll receive expert instruction as you create several chocolate bars. As with the Build a Bar workshop, this takes on a bean-to-bar approach. You’ll also learn about the history of chocolate, making this an especially fascinating experience. When the retreat ends, you’ll come away with a chocolate-making manual, a certificate of completion, and a wealth of exclusive recipes. 

Whether you’re interested in a quick shopping trip, an in-depth workshop, or a multi-day retreat, you can find an experience you adore at Wild Kauai Chocolate. A dream come true for chocoholics, this tasty adventure is not to be missed.

Insider Tips:
-If you’re a fan of milk chocolate, you’re out of luck — especially if you participate in the Build a Bar workshop. This experience focuses on 70 percent dark chocolate. 
-Don’t worry if you have food sensitivities. The kitchen at Wild Kauai is vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free. 
-If you participate in a chocolate-making workshop, wear closed-toe shoes. If you arrive in open-toe footwear, you’ll be asked to wear a pair of booties provided by the business. 
-After you return home, you can continue to enjoy Wild Kauai products if you hit up the online store. A variety of limited-batch options are available for order, as are multi-packs, cacao nibs, and cacao tea.