Tree Tunnel

Maluhia Road Tree Tunnel - Gorgeous Road Featuring 500 Eucalyptus Trees
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4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

The Maluhia Road Tree Tunnel is a unique and gorgeous cavern of canopies that is located on the island Kauai along a road leading out of the town of Koloa. This is a must-see for those who rent their own vehicle and want to enjoy a slow drive down an ancient (century+) tunnel of eucalyptus trees. 

- The Local Expert Team

First things first, the Maluhia Road Tree Tunnel is not like something out of California’s Redwood Forest in which one massive tree has been carved out and transformed into a tunnel. But that does not make it any less spectacular. 

The Maluhia Road Tree Tunnel gets its name because of the great many cultivated eucalyptus trees whose canopies converge just over Maluhia Road.  These eucalyptus trees were a gift to the community from a cattle rancher with the goal of creating this beautiful road scape. That cattle rancher, Walter Duncan McBryde, donated the 500 trees over 100 years ago in 1911, and well, they have certainly thrived.

You will find Maluhia Road running north out of the village of Koloa on the island of Kauai — and you shouldn’t just visit this part of the island for the road itself. That’s because the tree tunnel marks the entrance to the Koloa Heritage Trail, another outstanding historic attraction. 

For the best experience take your time driving down the Maluhia Road Tree Tunnel, consider even pausing to step out and touch the towering eucalyptus trees before you. The lush and verdant canopies of these trees stretch above you 100 feet and do so in tandem. Walking or driving down the Maluhia Road Tree Tunnel feels very much like you’re traveling through a cavern of green.

Note, while this is a very beautiful road to go down and should be on your list if you are driving in the area, it probably isn’t something that you should go too out of your way for unless botany especially interests you.

Insider Tip:
There are some blind turns along this route so if you do want to stop and take a picture, make sure you do so safely by being aware of your surroundings.