Tasting Kauai

Tasting Kauai — Where to Take a Tour of All the Best Sustainable Island Flavors
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If you’re in the mood for large helpings of Kauai food and culture, there’s perhaps no better place to turn than Tasting Kauai. Their food tours promise to treat you to all the culinary delights in each neighborhood plus tons of interesting facts and stories. On your travels, you’ll even get to meet many of the most notable chefs in the region and see how they create their fan favorites on their menus.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Tasting Kaua’i warmly welcomes you to take a culinary journey through all the greatest island neighborhoods with their tour guides right by your side. Throughout your explorations, you’ll get to meet brilliant chefs and see how they source, prep, and cook up their most popular menu items. Plus, you may even get a chance to talk to skilled farmers, fellow foodies, and everyone in between. By the end of the trip, you’ll undoubtedly better understand what goes into running sustainable island eateries of all kinds.

Beyond that, you’ll walk away with a completely full belly and a dire need for a long nap. Whether you’re traveling through Hanapepe Town or skipping through Downtown Lihue, you’ll get your fill of fresh fruit, veggies, and meats galore made in nearly every way possible. Across every dish, all the best local flavors will stand front and center, giving you an in-depth look at what makes your fellow foodies tick.

If you want to go beyond the basic tours, book a private or semi-private tour hand-curated just for you. Just choose what side of the island you want to explore and for how long plus share your food preferences to get a custom tour all your own.

For times when you just want to pop in Tasting Kaua’i and say hello, put their Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour at the Shops at Kukuiula on your itinerary. You’ll get to sip on cocktails and sample appetizers at three awesome eateries while chatting up the group of like-minded food enthusiasts. Since the offerings change seasonally, you’ll always get to experience something new, so feel free to come by often if you can.

Food tours you absolutely must try include:

North Shore
The North Shore tour takes you on a four-hour journey through the culinary world at the northernmost tip of the island. You’ll get to visit local farms and shops to see where the fresh ingredients come from before sampling all the best dishes at nearby food trucks and restaurants. You can even talk to many top chefs and explore their approach to making memorable meals.

East Side
The East Side tour takes you along the breezy seaside, giving you a chance to gaze upon the picturesque water while enjoying its seafood bounty. Contemporary Hawaiian food is king in this area, so be ready for larger-than-life flavors in every bite. You’ll likely even get to enjoy recommendations from the regulars who stop into these farm-to-table eateries daily.

On the Lihue tour, you get to sample a ton of dishes made by restaurants that only use local produce. The resulting flavors are out of this world delicious, and it truly doesn’t get any fresher than this. Along the way, you’ll have a chance to dip into the local brewery as well and get a taste of the rich brews made right on site.

If you’re on vacation, be sure to take your Tasting Kaua’i tour early on your trip, so you know which spots to swing by when hunger strikes. With that move, you can try many of their offerings or just enjoy your favorites time and time again. But if you miss the chance to return to your top spots, you can always come back for more island adventures in the future — and maybe take another tour as well.

Insider Tips:
-Want even more value out of your Tasting Kaua’i tour experience? Just join the Kauai Foodies Club for one free tour per year, 20% off additional tours, and many other discounts and freebies.
-As you travel to each eatery, don’t hesitate to ask for a photo with the breathtaking landscapes you encounter. Your guides will always honor your request to take your picture, likely while telling you all about scenic views all around.
-The Tasting Kaua’i tour must go on – rain or shine – so bring along an umbrella, sunblock, and all other gear you need to stay comfortable on the trip.