Seaweed And Sage

Seaweed and Sage Store – Where to Shop for Island Swag in East Side Kauai
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4 / 5
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At the Seaweed and Sage Store, they go above and beyond in hand-curating an eclectic collection of goods that’ll leave you wowed. Set right off the Kuhio Highway in East Side Kauai, this cute little boutique will entice you right through the doors, and then keep you enamored for hours.

- The Local Expert Team

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect island souvenir, you’ll definitely want to stop by the Seaweed and Sage Store. Located in East Side Kauai, this eclectic boutique features a stunning array of quality products, all hand-selected by the owner, Pooka Johnston. As a result of her hard work, the collection is out-of-this-world amazing and manages to have a little something for everyone.

From scented candles and daily planners to handmade jewelry and apparel, there’s never a shortage of items to turn over in your hands and admire at the Seaweed and Sage Store. As you look around, you’re sure to find plenty of items made in Kauai by local artisans, giving you a chance to support local businesses several times over in one trip. Even if the locally-made fare doesn’t suit your fancy, you can trust that the mainland brands are well-made using quality materials as well.

Although the chance to browse the collection is reason enough to come in, chatting with the owner of Seaweed and Sage Store is the real treat. Pooka has a passion for selling high-end items at a fair price and giving visitors a lasting memento of their trip. Since she hand selects every item, she’s knowledgeable about where they’re made and by whom, plus reasons why you might want to add the products to your life.

On top of that, she expresses so much care and kindness through every interaction that you’ll want to come back time and time again just for a chat. She’s happy to welcome tourists and locals through the doors at any given time, so she can share the love for all her items with the world.

Check out these items from Seaweed and Sage Store:

Scented Candles
Do you love to brighten up your home with decadent scents? If so, take a moment or two to inhale the heavenly essences of their scented candles. Although the holiday season brings out the best scents, it’s easy to find something amazing all throughout the year, including coffee arabica and pumpkin spice.

Hoop Earrings
When nothing else will do but a little flash from your earlobes, go with a pair of gorgeous hoop earrings from Machete. Made in the classic hugger style, these chunky hoops come in all the best tones, including jade green and sparkling crystal. Although they’re larger than life, they’re quite light anyway, making them easy to wear wherever you go.

Boho Shawl
For an elegant look that feels light and breezy always, treat yourself to a Boho Shawl by Rubyzaar. Available in tons of gorgeous hand-dyed hues at Seaweed and Sage Store, these woven shawls add the perfect amount of drama to every outfit.

Luxe Towels
If you want to keep your beachside adventures going all day long, you’re going to need a luxe towel. You can get yours in classic terrycloth, soft Turkish cotton, or ultra-fast drying microfiber. In addition to selecting your ideal material type, you have many colors and patterns to consider.

During the busiest shopping seasons, it’s not uncommon for Pooka to have to close down the Seaweed and Sage Store for a couple of days to get ahead of the orders. She’s also known to take a little time off when family comes to town and the weather invites her to go on fun outdoor excursions. When that happens, she updates her Facebook and Instagram pages to let everyone know.

Insider Tips:
-Follow the Seaweed and Sage Store social media pages to get alerts about all the new products to land on the salesfloor.
-Parking can prove challenging, but it’s worth patiently circling the block a few times to find a spot.
-After trying on clothes, return them to Pooka for a quick steam clean before ending up back on the shelf. She provides this smart little service to help everyone feel like they’re the first person to handle each item.
-The little cottage sits right at the intersection of Lehua Street and Kuhio Highway right across from the Kapaa Public Library.