Princeville Center

Princeville Center – Where to Go for North Shore Shopping and Dining Adventures
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4 / 5
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Are you looking for a one-stop-shop for apparel, groceries, and everything in between? Just go on over to Princeville Center in North Shore Kauai to get all you need. Don’t forget to stop for a meal and drinks at the onsite restaurants to perfectly complete your shopping adventures.

- The Local Expert Team

When you want to shop and dine to your heart’s content, you just have to take a quick trip over to the Princeville Center. Set in the heart of North Shore Kauai, this popular shopping center has it all. Supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurants, and so much more all eagerly await your arrival.

To visit all your favorite spots, you’ll need to wander through the outdoor corridors throughout this shopping complex. Unlike regular malls, the stores are not interconnected, but that just gives you a chance to get a little fresh air before diving into the next shop.

In between the shops at Princeville Center, you’ll find many vendor stands selling novelties and trinkets, so plan to stop often to see what’s for sale. As you look around, gifts for your friends, family, and coworkers will undoubtedly capture your attention, making it easy to bring tons of souvenirs back home.

During your shopping adventures at Princeville Center, don’t hesitate to ask plenty of questions about the items that catch your interest. You never know when you’ll hit it off with a vendor and get to spend time learning all about the products that interest you most. It’s even possible to walk away with info that will help you enjoy your trip to the Kauai to the fullest, like where to explore after leaving the mall.

If you find yourself getting a bit snacky while you shop around, you can jet into any of the onsite eateries for a bite to eat. As you weigh each restaurant choice, you’ll find that global cuisine dominates, although it’s easy to find Hawaiian classics as well. When you’re just wanting a little pick me up, you can swing by Lappert’s for ice cream, coffee, and baked goods that fuel you up for the rest of the day.

Swing by to visit these stops at Princeville Center:

You can save a whole lot of money on your travels if you buy groceries at Foodland instead of eating out at restaurants all the time. Many of the nearby beaches even have barbecue grills that you can use to prepare your meat, veggies, and fruit for picnics to remember. As you shop for food, don’t forget to load up on your personal care goods, first aid items, and other essentials.

Magic Dragon

If you have little ones in your life or just want to shop for the young at heart, skip on over to the Magic Dragon. In this shop, you’ll find all the best toys, games, and art supplies. You can even get a beautiful kite to fly on the beach if you want to challenge yourself to this awesome childhood pastime.

Walking in Paradise
At Walking in Paradise at Princeville Center, you will find all the best footwear, jewelry, and other accessories. You can upgrade your shoes in anticipation of your hiking adventures or just get a new pair of sandals to wear on the beach. Their jewelry and other accessories make great gifts, especially if you choose pieces made by local artisans.

Want to see an awe-inspiring hula performance during your visit? Just plan to swing by on Saturday around 1:00 pm to catch the show. You’ll find the Aunty Bev’s Hula Halau dancers performing their moves in the open-air food court at about 1:30 pm, which gives you enough time to grab a bite to eat and find somewhere to sit. The show goes on for about an hour, giving you enough time to rest up for more shopping fun.

Insider Tips:
-All throughout the year, many community groups come through with special events for all to enjoy. They post info about the events on their website, so check often to avoid missing out on all the fun.
-While eating in the open-air food court at Princeville Center, watch out for the wild chickens. Although they seem nice enough, they’ll jump at the chance to steal a bit of your food if you’re not watching them like a hawk.
-If you find yourself with far too many gifts to take back on the plane, stop by the post office and mail them back home before leaving this shopping center.
-Many of the shops do not open until 5pm, so look up their hours if you want to visit somewhere in particular.