Poipu Beach Surf School

Take Safe Surf Lessons with Motivating Experts at Poipu Beach Surf School
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Boost your surfing skills or learn how to use a board with the professional team of experts at Poipu Beach Surf School. Motivating instructors assist beginners, intermediate, and expert students improve their abilities on the water. Sign up for your small group or private lessons to make the most of the waves at Poipu Beach.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Hawaii has tantalizing waves that attract practiced surfers and those who want to learn. If you’ve never used a surfboard before, learn how to safely surf at Poipu Beach Surf School in Poipu. The school also has lessons for intermediate and expert surfers if you want to improve your existing skills.

Participating in one of the lessons at this school gives you the chance to learn new skills and try those out on the open water at Poipu Beach. Small groups and a culture of offering safe, motivating classes get many first-timers successfully using their boards. Intermediate and expert sessions let those with advanced skills practice them alongside professional surf instructors.

Safety is paramount during every lesson. At the surf school, group lessons have a very small student-to-instructor ratio of four-to-one. All staff members have lifeguard training and CPR certification. Every instructor also has experience surfing and teaching in the local waters. Additionally, Poipu Beach has lifeguards to keep an extra eye on surfers taking lessons and others enjoying the water.

The founder and current owner of the school is former professional bodyboarder, Doug Muraoka. After years of a successful career as a pro bodyboarder, Doug challenged himself by learning to surf. Today, this sport accounts for the majority of his time on the water. He has such a passion for surfing that he started Poipu Beach Surf School in 2005 to introduce others to the thrill of surfing.

Poipu Beach Surf School offers the following types of lessons based on class number and skill level:

Beginner’s Classes
All the beginner’s classes are 90 minutes long, with most of the time in the water after an introductory safety video. Options within this category include Basic lessons for groups of eight or fewer with a student-to-teacher ratio of four-to-one. If you want more individualized attention, you can choose a semi-private class with two to three people or a private lesson with one-on-one instruction.

Kids have their own private and semi-private lessons to give those from six through nine the more personalized lessons they need to stay safe and to remain focused.

You don’t even need to have a surfboard to take these classes. The surf school provides one for you to use during your lessons.

Intermediate Classes
If you have at least 20 to 30 surfing excursions under your belt, can cut out of waves, and know how to duck dive, Poipu Beach Surf School considers you experienced enough for the intermediate classes. Like the beginner’s classes, these intermediate lessons last for 90 minutes. The instructor will help you to get to know the surf conditions of the sunny side of Poipu Beach. With the expert advice provided by the instructor, you’ll improve your surfing abilities and get the chance to try a new surf spot.

Expert Surf Tours
Expert surf tours last for half a day of surfing alongside a professional. You get to visit the surf break of your choice as you and the instructor hunt barrels and share advice on the best surf spots in the area. You also go to rare surf spots that you might never otherwise find on your own.

Train with professionals in a safe, encouraging class with a small number of students per instructor. The skills you learn at Poipu Beach Surf School will make it easier for you to better enjoy surfing on the water.

Insider Tips:
-The price of each lesson does not include a tip for the instructor.
-Everyone taking classes must be able to swim.
-Kids between 6 and 9 years old do better in private or semi-private lessons than in the basics surf classes.
-Arrive at the designated meeting spot at least 15 minutes before your scheduled class to start checking in.