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Na Pali Catamaran - Depart From Hanalei for a Napali Coast Adventure
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4 / 5
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Boasting an ideal home base in Hanalei and a group of highly-trained, personable captains, Na Pali Catamaran delivers a memorable experience aboard wonderfully spacious catamarans. Discover the pristine beauty of the Napali Coast while aboard a comfortable vessel — and be prepared to see the delights of the underwater world while snorkeling.

- The Local Expert Team

Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of Kauai during the Na Pali Catamaran tour, which grants you an up-close look at the island’s dramatic cliffs and sea caves. During your time aboard this adventure-oriented vessel, you’ll feel both exhilarated and relaxed — the perfect mix for an idyllic Hawaiian vacation.

While multiple options are available for touring Kauai by water, nothing compares to the bliss of exploring the Napali coast. The appropriately named Na Pali Catamaran introduces you to this acclaimed stretch of coast, where you’ll catch dramatic views while also enjoying glimpses of the local wildlife. Better yet: after a leisurely ride on the catamaran, you can observe the equally incredible sights below water while snorkeling.

The right tour guide can make all the difference when you’re new to water-based recreation. Whether you feel excited or nervous about climbing aboard a catamaran — or diving in for a snorkeling session — you’ll quickly find that your guide from Na Pali Catamaran helps you feel as confident as possible. All staff members possess credentials from the United States Coast Guard, so you can take solace in knowing that only the best-trained and most passionate individuals will guide the way.

The boats for these tours have been strategically selected to keep adventurers safe while also providing exceptional access to the Napali Coast’s finest features. Known as the Kamahele Kai II and the Kamahele III, these vessels are capable of entering the region’s iconic sea caves.

The 35-foot Na Pali Catamarans are also well-equipped to keep you and your companions comfortable. Take advantage of onboard restrooms and canopies that block the sun. Feel free to get out of your seat, as you’ll have plenty of room to move about as you see fit.

Adventurers often neglect to consider how the location of a given tour company’s home base influences the entirety of the experience. This is an important consideration, as, often, these vessels spend so much time traveling to and from their ports that opportunities to take in the most spectacular sights may prove limited.

This is a common problem among tour companies based near Port Allen. With Na Pali Catamaran, however, an idyllic location in the heart of Hanalei places each vessel close to the action. Instead of dedicating the majority of each outing to water-based commuting, tours that depart from Hanalei allow for leisurely exploration of the Napali Coast.

Tour selection with Na Pali Catamaran is simple: choices are based on the time of day the vessel departs — morning or afternoon. The only major difference is the temperature, which tends to be cooler for morning adventures. Both the morning and afternoon tours include lunch, snacks, and snorkeling sessions.

Check-in occurs at the Ching Young Village Shopping Center. From there, shuttles take all passengers to Hanalei Bay. The boarding process can be a bit difficult for some, as it involves a short walk along the beach followed by wading, and finally, climbing a ladder to get on the catamaran. Most passengers are easily able to complete this portion of the adventure, however — and many find traveling along the beach just as enjoyable as the catamaran journey itself.

If you feel drawn to the ocean, nothing compares to a breathtakingly beautiful expedition aboard a catamaran. Treat yourself to an awe-inspiring experience that will expose you to the best of Kauai.

Insider Tips:
-The eco-conscious captains at Na Pali Catamaran require all guests to use reef-safe sunscreen, which lacks the harmful chemicals found in many standard skincare products. Many of these chemicals have a devastating impact on the coral, fish, and dolphins that the passionate staff members at Na Pali Catamaran are determined to protect.
-On occasion, weather issues or rough seas will make tours along the Napali Coast less desirable. In such situations, the company is able to accommodate by instead heading for Kipu Kai. In such situations, the standard check-in process is replaced with parking at Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor before meeting on the docks.