Kauai Bakery & Coffee

Kauai Bakery & Cinnamons – Get Decadent Baked Goods and Coffee at Kukui Grove Center
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4.5 / 5
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Malasadas, Manapuas, and Kauai Snails – oh my! There’s always something delicious simply awaiting your arrival at the ever popular Kauai Bakery & Coffee in the Kukui Grove Center. As for their coffee, it’s just basic lattes and the like, but you’ll delight in how well they pair with all their fresh baked goods.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

Set amongst all the shops and restaurants at the Kukui Grove Center, you can find Kauai Bakery & Coffee, a definite East Side favorite. Each and every day, they churn out the highest quality baked goods featuring bright island flavors, including guava, passion fruit, and chocolate.

They have everything from powdered sugar-covered brownies and haupia cake to apple turnovers and cream pies. With their rich sweet and savory profiles, their malasadas and manapuas are what bring people in from far and wide, however. No matter which baked goods you select, you can always count on them having just the right flavors and textures whether fresh out of the oven or enjoyed later in the day.

If you want to enjoy the best selection, you need to arrive at this bakery bright and early in the AM. As soon as their doors open, their most popular items start flying out of the case and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So, if you come by in the afternoon, you’d better be ready to sample whatever’s left. Fortunately, as long as you’re in town, you can give it another shot the next morning and eventually get to try all their top items.

Swing by to try their:

When it comes to their coffee, they like to keep it simple, but it’s well worth getting a cup to go with your baked goods. They have basic brewed coffee, Americano, and chai lattes. Or if you want a bit more flavor, you can go with vanilla, caramel, white mocha, or dark chocolate latte. Dare to mix it up a bit? Ask for all four latte syrups for a candy bar-inspired drink.


Out of all their baked goods, the Malasadas bring people from all over the island, hoping to get a taste. They’re light, fluffy, and stay soft all day – and they come filled with all the best flavors, including ube, guava, custard, chocolate, and red bean. Along the outside, you can go with plain sugar dusted or a rich cinnamon-sugar coating, both of which are simply amazing. Buy more than you think you can eat because you’re going to be sad when they’re gone.

When you’re in the mood for a savory kick, you absolutely must try their Manapuas. These big fluffy buns feature flavorful fillings, like cream cheese, hot dogs, and pepperoni and cheese. Their most sought-after flavor is the Flying Saucer, which features the iconic beef and cheese mixture made popular at festivals all across the island. Want one? Come early or risk missing out.

Kauai Snail
When you’re looking to enjoy all the best island flavors in every bite, the tasty Kauai Snail offers just what you need. Between the layers of this huge cinnamon roll, you’ll find apples and raisins that go great with the sweet filling. Then, over the top, it has a mouthwatering glaze that brings it all together.  

Lilikoi Chiffon
Do you love passion fruit? If so, the Lilikoi Chiffon pie will leave you in absolute bliss bite after bite. They create this pie each morning by rolling out and baking the crust. Then, fill it with their ever-popular passion fruit filling. After that, they whip up a light meringue and pour it over top to finish it off right.

Although you can take your coffee and baked goods along on all your adventures, there are tables outside if you want to just sit down and enjoy your selections. If you do so, just be ready to stick around and stay for a while because every last bite is well worth savoring. You’ll want to make all your goodies last as long as possible in hopes that you’ll never have to say farewell once they’re gone.

Insider Tips:
-If you want delivery, you’ll have to shell out the big bucks. Depending on where you’re at, expect to see a fee of $10 to $15 added to your bill.
-A $20 minimum applies to all orders for delivery.
-For the quickest walk into the bakery, park over by the Times Supermarket.