Kinipopo Shopping Village

Kinipopo Shopping Village - A Perfect Blend of Shopping and Eateries
Local Expert's Rating:
4 / 5
The Bottom Line:

Delicious meals, baked goods, and a stroll around the shops -- Kinipopo Shopping Village has a little bit of everything. Grab a souvenir or a sweet treat as you arrive or as you go. This shopping plaza is located right by the Lihue airport -- waiting for your arrival.

- The Local Expert Team

Kinipopo Shopping Village has an eclectic mix of shopping and dining options, making it a worthwhile stop along the highway. Few other places outside of mega malls have a similar combination of things to buy.

The main highlights at Kinipopo Shopping Village are the restaurants, with a particular emphasis on the Mexican restaurant in back that locals favor. A barbecue joint that fronts the center is more visible from the highway, and several smaller eateries are situated between in case neither of these strikes your fancy. Make sure to stop at the little bakery to get a sweet for now or later.

Complementing the restaurants are a variety of shops and services that range from common to specialty. Nearby residents are likely the only ones interested in the hair salon, but residents and visitors alike stop in the beauty salon, clothing shop, and healing-arts center. The Goldsmith’s Kauai Gallery that’s next to the barbecue has handcrafted Hawaiian jewelry.

These restaurants and shops are situated around a central garden that’s a peaceful refuge.  Enjoy a longer rest on a pleasant afternoon, or just find a bench to rest your feet for a short while. However you enjoy it, this shopping center has a better setting than most.

You won’t want to make Kinipopo Shopping Center a main destination but pull over here if you’re in the area. Since the center is on the way to and from the airport, you’ll almost certainly be in the area sometime.

A few of our favorite places at Kinipopo Shopping Center include:

Monico’s Mexican cuisine might be some of the best on the island. Many visitors get waylaid by the more visible barbecue joint, but locals know to head straight for Monico’s on the opposite side of the shopping center. The tacos are worth walking a few more steps for.

Korean Barbeque
Korean Barbeque might not be quite the standout that Monico’s is, but the barbecue joint is still quite good. It might not be the best on the island. The sweet ribs are one of the tastiest meals you’ll find this close to the airport, though.

Goldsmith’s Kauai Gallery
Need a gift for that special someone? Goldsmith’s Kauai Gallery has handmade island jewelry from multiple artists, so you’re bound to find something that suits the person’s style.

The Bakery is relatively small and easily overlooked. Its pastries aren’t to be missed, though, and you should probably get a loaf of bread too. The bread makes for excellent sandwiches when you’re busy seeing attractions.

Garden Courtyard
While not the most amazing place in Kauai, the Garden Courtyard is perfectly suitable for a short respite. Whether you’re stretching your legs during a drive or resting your legs while shopping, take a few moments to relax in this little respite.

Insider Tip:
Kinipopo Shopping Center is just north of the airport and on the main highway. Stop here when you first arrive for a meal and to peruse the stores, but don’t buy any souvenirs or gifts. If you don’t see any other souvenirs on the island, you can return when you fly out to purchase something here.