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Kaelia Organics - Body-Friendly & Earth-Friendly Soaps
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5.0 / 5
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Kaelia Organics makes soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions that are beneficial to both the body and the earth. Everything is organic, zero-waste, and all-natural, so you can feel good in more ways than one.

- The Local Expert Team

Kaelia Organics offers a selection of all-natural body care and hair care products. Everything here is good for the body and the earth, and perhaps for the soul too.

The products at Kaelia Organics include soap, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. All of these are made from all-natural and organic plant-based ingredients, with some farm-fresh ingredients occasionally mixed in. The staff can tell you where many of the ingredients are from, and the source is often from Hawaii.

In addition to being some of the most earth-friendly body care and hair care products you can find, these are also some of the highest quality bars you’ll get. The shampoos and conditioners last for up to 70 washes, and the soaps and lotions are made just as long-lasting (although they may get used more frequently). All of these are intended to be used in the shower or bath, but the lotion bars can be applied to dry skin as well.

There’s also no shortage of choices, with bars featuring everything from essential oils (peppermint, lavender) to island classics (coconut). Mix and match as you like, choosing your favorite aromas or the most beneficial combinations.

Further continuing the earth-friendly focus, all packaging is plastic-free and plant-based. Some products are sold with no packaging, while others get wrapped in recyclable and compostable materials.

If you believe in taking care of your body as well as the earth, the people at Kaelia Organics feel the same way. Peruse their selection, and you’ll find a year’s worth of body care and hair care products to try.

A few of our favorite products at Kaelia Organics include:

Classic Soap Set
Why choose just one? Get Lokelani Rose, Charcoal & Lavender, Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut & Kukui in a box set — all for the price of a full bar. The $15 Classic Soap Set makes for a perfect personal sampler or gift.

CBD Artisan Soap 
Make showering even more relaxing with the CBD Artisan Soap. A combination of two soaps and infused with CBD, this bar has benefits multiple times over.

Coconut Kukui Shampoo & Conditioner
Care for your hair like an islander with the Coconut Kukui haircare bars. The shampoo and conditioner set will give your hair a luxurious treatment for a couple of months’ worth of showers.

Bubble Bath Truffle Set
Take full advantage of those few times when you can unwind in a relaxing bath. The Bubble Bath Truffle Set comes with four truffles that you can mix and match, Get one each of jasmine vanilla, vanilla rose, tiare gardenia (a tropical shrub/flower), and lavender, or go for a full box of your favorite one.

Lokelani Rose Lotion Bar
Stay moisturized and smelling fresh with the Lokelani Rose Lotion Bar. Keep one bar for each time you wash up, and a second somewhere convenient for more frequent dry application.

Insider Tips:
Because all of these bars are solid, they aren’t subject to TSA restrictions on liquids. Purchase as many bars as you can use and give away, and pile them all into your carry-on. Alternatively, they can also go in checked luggage of course.