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Kauai Hiking Tours — Discover Hidden Gems on Hiking and Driving Tours
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Kauai Hiking Tours lets you explore all the local hidden gems on your own terms. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned traveler, they have day hikes, multi-day trips, and even driving tours you’re sure to love. You can even dream up your own custom tour to view all your preferred sights and sounds in a single trip.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

With seemingly endless wondrous views available across Kauai, knowing where to focus your attention can prove challenging to say the least. Thankfully, the crew at Kauai Hiking Tours is here to set you straight and help you enjoy all the island wonders to the fullest.

You just have to sign up for one of their hiking or driving tours to explore the hidden gems and experience paradise at its best. They have tours for all fitness levels and preferences, so be sure to explore their offerings even if hiking feels a bit intimidating.

Their day hikes take you through diverse landscapes of all kinds, including remote canyons and open coastlines. Beginner hikes take anywhere from two to four hours, while moderate to difficult trips can take up to nine hours from start to finish. You can stay out even longer by adding waterfall swims, snorkeling, and other add-ons to your trip. If that’s not enough fun for you, consider taking a multi-day trip instead to experience the beauty of Kauai day and night.

If hiking is not your forte, no worries. Just take a driving tour instead. From the comfort of their 4×4 vehicle, you can see all the lush landscapes all around while learning all about island life and landscapes. Throughout your adventure, you’ll get to stop at many different overlooks where you can ooh and ahh over the scenic views and take photos galore.

Their must-try adventures include:

South Shore Coastal Hike to Sea Cliffs
If you’re in the mood for a chill stroll along the coast, sign up for their South Short Coastal Hike to Sea Cliffs experience. This hike will take you along the trail for up to four miles round trip, although it’s an easy walk. Once you arrive at the promontory, you can enjoy open views of Haupu Mountain and beyond as the waves crash against the rocks below. Upon making it to the end of the trail, you can go snorkeling and view the wonders beneath the waves for an extra charge.

Off the Beaten Track Mountain Adventure
When nothing else will do but an inside look at local landscapes, treat yourself to the Off the Beaten Track Mountain Adventure. You’ll get to hop in their 4×4 truck for a six- to seven-hour trip into the remote corners of Kokee State Park and the Puu Ka Pele Forest Reserve. As you drive through the canyons and up on the ridges, the sights and sounds of this exquisite region promise to blow your mind.

Sleeping Giant Hike
Are you looking for a little bit of a challenge while enjoying breathtaking views? Then, you need to go on the Sleeping Giant Hike. Although it’s just four miles long, this moderate to difficult hike will give you the workout of a lifetime while treating you to gorgeous mountain views. Add on the waterfall swim at the end to cool off fast and get up to four extra hours of fun out of the deal.

In addition to all their phenomenal sightseeing opportunities, this tour group also offers survival and life skill classes on the regular. During those trips, you can learn how to make a survival fire and shelter, find water, track wildlife, forage for food, and so much more. The survival topics change often, so plan to go as much as possible to learn all you can.

Insider Tips:
-Although tips are not required, they are warmly welcomed. If you have a delightful experience, consider giving your guide a 15 to 20 percent tip for a job well done.
-Be sure to bring along your own water and snacks, although the team will provide fresh fruit, extra drinking water, and other snacks if needed. Want something a little more filling? Ask about pre-ordering food from local restaurants along the route.
-Gear up well to stay comfortable and well-prepared for whatever comes your way. If you’re not sure what to bring, check your confirmation email for their recommended gear list.