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Kauai Farmacy – Where to Go for Herbal Remedies, Superfoods, and More
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Whether you simply want to soak in the beauty of a medicinal farm in the heart of paradise or need herbal remedies, Kauai Farmacy is definitely the place to go. They make all their products with love using ingredients grown and produced right on their four-acre farm. Plus, they warmly welcome visitors to take a tour and see the magic happen right before their very eyes.

- The HawaiianIslands.com Local Expert Team

To experience the Earth’s bounty right in the heart of paradise, take a trip over to the Kauai Farmacy. Set just outside of Kilauea in North Shore Kauai, this four-acre farm serves as a tropical oasis, giving locals and tourists a serene place to get away from it all.

In their tropical healing gardens, they have all the best herbs, teas, and flowers growing wild yet well-managed by their crew. At each visit, you can see yarrow, sugarcane, cacao, soursop, hibiscus, turmeric, and so much more all growing at their best. They’re always adding new plants, too, and experimenting with their ability to promote wellness in their many products, including tinctures, capsules, and balms.  

In addition to all their plants, they have healthy beehives, which allow them to get more than a little help pollinating the plants plus a whole lot of honey. Once they harvest their fresh honey, they infuse it with different herbs and spices, including allspice, cardamom, and ginger, and then jar it up to sell in their shop. If you’d like a big blast of flavor in every bite, then you cannot skip their Cacao Ginger Turmeric Honey.

Although you’re welcome to just swing by and browse all the products in their shop, the real magic lies in spending time at their farm. For an extra charge, you can grab a spot at a tea tasting, for example, to sample all their herbal tea varieties. While you sip on each cup of tea, you’ll get to gaze upon the beauty of all the plants nearby plus chat about what they’re growing that season. If you’d like a closer look, make sure to ask for a tour of their garden space. Although it’s an extra charge, the time spent learning about the garden and sampling their offerings is well worth the price.

Your tour guide will take you all along the garden to explore the flowers, herbs, and other plants growing strong. You’ll get to learn about which plants land in their products and how you can benefit from their regular use. All along the way, you can smell the flowers, taste fresh cacao beans, and even see their dehydrating house bustling with activity. Once you’re done, you’ll want to take all that newfound knowledge into the shop, so you can pick the products that will serve you best.

Their top products include:

Herbal Tea
Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or want to simmer down, you can count on their herbal tea to get the job done. Every tea has a different job to do, too. Their Immunitea helps boost your immune system, for example, while their Love Potion Tea puts the stars in your eyes.  

Like their tea varieties, their many tinctures are all designed to help you improve your wellness in one way or another. If you want a boost to your memory and mental clarity, try their Brahmi tincture. Need help with your energy levels? Then, their Tulsi tincture might be a better choice.

With their superfoods on your side, it’s easy to infuse your smoothies, meals, and more with vital nutrients. They have many exceptional blends for every purpose, such as increasing energy, endurance, or immunity.  

Education is the name of the game at this farm, so let your questions fly any time you start to wonder about something. Your tour guides, teahouse servers, and shop staff will all go above and beyond in answering your questions in full. Depending on what you ask, you may even get to discover the answer for yourself by trying samples or going out for a look in the garden.

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